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Thank You!

Great Job! You are now on the Founder's Club List! 

When's Your Free Tour?

We're currently building the gym (Yep construction is already underway!) and we hope to open in January 2023. The address will be 4788 La Sierra Ave, Riverside.

What's Next? Once our gym is nearing completion we will give you a FREE Hard-Hat Tour. This means you get to see the gym while we're still building it. That will be SO COOL for your family to see. On this tour, we will help you book your family's first real parkour class to be held shortly after your tour (once the gym is ready for students but not open to the public).

HERE is where the FOUNDERS CLUB comes in. After your lesson, you will have met our coaches, feel how we run our classes, and experience how much your family loves the gym's vibe. We will show you our membership options and you may pick the level that best fits your family's budget and schedule.


Club Benefits 

  • A 6-pack of one-on-one parkour lessons ($420 value)

  • $100 gift card to our online clothing store  ($100 value)

  • Water bottle ($25 value)

  • Parkour-T shirt  ($25 value)

  • FREE summer camp pass ($299 value)

  • Pack of 3 guest passes for your friends  ($135 value)

Okay that's all for now. As we make progress we will send out building updates, and photos, and soon we'll contact you to book your tour! Feel free to visit one of our existing gyms in Murrieta or Loma Linda.

Tell Your Friends! 

There are limited tours available, share the founders club page with your friends! 

Copy the URL and send them exclusive access


Ask our Members Anything

We have a free Facebook group for our members. We invite you to join this group and ask the parents in there any questions you have about our program, their experience, or anything your like! Yep, that's how confident we are in our program! We're looking forward to welcoming you into the group. Here is the link to join. 

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