99-Day Parkour Fitness Challenge | Discovering A Healthier You Through The Power of Play.

You’re here reading about Freedom in Motion’s 99-Day Fitness challenge because you’re ready to make a change in your life. You know that you were born to run, jump, lift, climb, and play in your daily life. You feel an inner desire to reclaim your mobility and energy all while having fun and being active. You need a workout that is motivating and fun. We get it, and we at Freedom in motion want to help!

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Why Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym?

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Now, before you start doubting yourself and thinking that you’re “too old”, “not coordinated enough”, or “I was never a gymnast” we want to let you in on a little secret. … you might have the wrong idea of what Parkour actually is!

Parkour is all about functional fitness. Utilizing your body and what skills you have right now at this very moment to transform any obstacle into an opportunity for play. Simple as that. An everyday hand railing or a street curb can be transformed into a workout apparatus.

Still think your too “Other” to try parkour? Check out our popular blog post titled De-bunking Parkour Myths: How common misconceptions are holding you back from fun and fitness. Within, you’ll realize that Parkour is for everyone, yes even your grandmother.

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Now with the myths surrounding Parkour out of the way, you might be asking yourself “How is this going to help me lose weight” or “become stronger?” The answer is simple 99 days of play, mobility, strength training, and healthy eating habits. 

Days and Times

Adult level-1 beginner classes.

  1. Tuesday: 5:40 pm – 6:45 pm

  2. Wednesdays: 5:40 pm – 6:45 pm

  1. Saturday : 10:00 am – 10:55 pm

  2. Sunday: 11:15 am – 12:10 pm

Once you rank up into the level 2 rank, many more classes will be unlocked, making classes available daily!

Open Gym 99-day pass holders may also attend Open Gym after their intro class.

Tuesday – Friday:  3:30 – 4:30 and again 6:50 – 7:45pm Saturday – Sunday: 1:15pm – 3:15pm

What is Parkour Fitness?

Parkour Fitness is the most useful kind of fitness there is. This fitness routine will utilize a variety of Plyometric & Calisthenics workouts combined with cardiovascular and mobility training. Essentially, the goal of our Parkour Fitness program is to build you the strength needed to pull your self up and over a wall, to hop onto a box, and to brachiate your body weight with ease. (Hint: Brachiation = monkey bars, suspension, and locomotion in a handing position). Once you have the strength, then we teach you the skills. Starting with the bare basics of course.

This is Practical Fitness, not just picking up heavy stuff just to it back down. Our end goal is to increase mobility and strength to directly increase your ability to play and utilize your newfound agility.

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How can I get started?

If you live close to Freedom in Motion’s main gym in Murrieta, CA, then you must sign up for our 99-day challenge package!

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FiM’s 99-day challenge package includes. 

  1. 99-Days of unlimited gym membership

  2. +100 classes For Muscle Confusion

  3. Unlimited “Fist Timer” beginner classes

  4. Unlimited access to Open Gym

  5. Unlimited access to weightlifting section

  6. 90-day Nutrition and Planning guide

  7. Weekly meal planning guide

  8. Weight tracking and goal sheet

  9. Includes a gift if you complete the challenge

This is all a $699 value, yours for a fraction of the price only during the new-years months!

Ready to get started with the 99-day challenge? >>Click here to enroll online, now!<<

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What else can parkour fitness do?

Using Parkour to Recover From Pregnancy

Alice Popejoy, an avid female parkour athlete who gave birth to a child and then used parkour to help re-build her body after the demanding pregnancy and delivery. Check out her video by clicking here. 

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Get fit, Learn new skills, Have fun along the way!

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Freedom in Motion will be publishing a variety of strength and fitness related articles in the coming months. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to keep int he loop! For now, we recommend this awesome parkour strength and fitness book by a fellow parkour gym owner, Ryan Ford. Click here to see more about Ryan’s book. 

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Ready to get started with the 99-day challenge? >>Click here to enroll online, now!<<

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