Charter School Enrollments

We Love Our Charter Schools

At Freedom in Motion, we Love working with Charter and Homeschoolers! Our coaches have been active in teaching Homeschool sessions since 2014!


Freedom in Motion is an approved vendor for many local charter schools. Your school will pay for your monthly membership! Pretty cool, huh? Check out the list of schools we work with below!

  1. California Enrichment Academy

  2. Cabrillo Point Academy

  3. Community Collaborative Charter school

  4. Compass Charter School

  5. Dehesa Charter School

  6. Discovery of Learning

  7. Element Charter School

  8. Elite Charter School

  9. Empire Springs Charter School

  10. Epic Charter School

  11. Excel Academy

  12. Gorman Charter School

  13. Granite Mountain Charter School

  14. Inspire Charter School’s

  15. Harbor Springs Charter School

  16. JumpStart Academy

  17. Julian Charter School

  18. Method Schools

  19. Mission Vista Academy

  20. Monarch River Academy

  21. River Springs Charter School

  22. Sage Oak Charter School

  23. Sky Mountain Charter School

  24. Springs Charter School

  25. Summit Academy

  26. Valiant Charter School

  27. Pathways Academy

  28. Pacific Coast Academy

  29. Yosemite Valley Academy

Don’t see your school, contact us and let us know to apply & become a vendor. Some already approved schools might not yet be added.

it works

Follow these easy steps to order a membership with your school.

  1. Test out a session. Anyone may try a session for just $30 before signing up. Head to our website, pick your location, and then follow the “New Students” Prompts to pick the best class for your age group.

  2. Pick a Membership

Request the funds: Tell your school that you’re ready to sign up for parkour! Use the table below to discover the pricing.

Once a week: Request a Bronze membership $170 / Month ($39/session)

Twice a week: Request a Silver membership $212 / Month ($26/session)

Four a week: Request a Gold membership $342 / Month ($19.75/session)

Enrolling more than one kid? Feel free to take advantage of our family pricing. 10% off each kid for 2 or more kids enrolled.

  1. Membership Pricing for charter schools Normally we bill by week, However, for charter schools its way more convenient for everyone to go off monthly billing.Sign Up Fees: If you’re a new student, there are some sign up fee to be aware of that your school will cover. The Annual registration ($45/year) for this current year and the one-time sign-up fee ($75 one time only). In total, this is $85 per child. Add this to your first month’s order (your school will pay it!) Don’t forget to ask about your free T-shirt and wristband when you come in after you school has covered your enrollment fees!  Want to save $25 on these fees? We will give you a $30 discount on the Sign-up fee if you leave us a review on Yelp, Google, or facebook!  Just let us know and we will apply the discount. This would bring the sign-up-fee package to just +$50

  2. Head to our website, pick your location, and then follow the “New Students” Prompts to pick the best class for your age group.

  3. Head to our website, pick your location, and then follow the “New Students” Prompts to pick the best class for your age group. Talk with your Teacher or EA. Let your teacher know that you’re ready to enroll in a membership at Freedom in Motion. You will ask your teacher for a purchase order (some schools call them student vouchers or enrichment certificates).Online Purchase orders:  If your school uses an online OPS system for purchase order then after you inform your teacher that you wish to start taking sessions, they will get the rest completed for you and send us your info via email.

Paper Certificates: Some schools require that you bring in a printed version (or email us a PDF copy) of your proof of enrollment. Inspire Charter school and Julian Charter School just to name a couple both to require you to actually hand Freedom in Motion a document that says you’re using school funds. We must have this paper to activate your membership.

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Are you ready to start learning Parkour?

Head to our website, pick your location, pick your age group and complete the form! Our team will then rech out to you to set up session. … Need more help? Click here for a Getting Started Guide for New Members

Need to talk? Shoot us an email!