FiM Murrieta Re-Opening Date Announcement

Freedom in Motion is reopening on June 20th! We are overjoyed to see the smiling faces of our community once again. It’s been a long three weeks and we are happy to take a big step back to normalcy. Check out these slides below to see what sort of precautions we are going to implement to help keep everyone safe as we enter phase 3 of reopening California.

A quick video of the in-gym safety measures.

Enrolling online

Please always enroll online before arriving to the gym as our session sizes will be reduces temporarily. Please enroll into the same session times on the same days each week, so we can keep the mixing of our gym members to a minimum.


Updated June 20th* Our coaches will be waring a mask when they need to be closer than 6-ft of any students. All office staff will have masks at all times. Parents watching the sessions must have a mask and maintain a 6-ft distance from each-other. Otherwise we encourage parents to wait out sessions in their cars to keep the occupied space in the gym down. Participants who are in a session will not need to ware a mask, but we ask that they bring one and ware it when not in a session. Updated guidelines now require all participants to ware a mask while in session or in the gym.


We will be updating the schedule with the new sessions and summer camps continually as we are able to add more sessions and make more efficient adjustments. Keep checking back for updates. We will also post updates to our facebook group. Summer camps will begin on June 22nd.

For more information Contact us for more information.

Nick Blake balancing in Ultimate 81 parkour shoes at Freedom in Motion Gym in Murrieta CA.

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