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FiM Riverside Update 4

Freedom in Motion's New Parkour gym in Riverside CA is in its final stages of building.

This week we have moved into laying down the flooring and adding on some of the final touches before we can begin offering first-look tours to those on our Founding Member's List. If you have already signed up on that page, keep an eye out for your invitation to book a spot for a tour of the gym before it's completed and open to the public. On this tour, you can see our opening gym schedule and book your first parkour class with us!

On Wednesday, March 15th the team moved 11,000 lbs of rubber flooring panels

into the gym, By Hand! (A Forklift couldn't make it into the door).

parkour gym in Riverside California
11,000 LBS of parkour gym flooring

The first corner or rubber flooring has been laid down with some of our "vault islands" moved into place. These large obstacles can be moved around the gym by our staff and arranged in a number of various orientations.

parkour gym in riverside california
Parkour Class Zone at FiM Riverside

What's Next?

This week the team is focused on completing the various coaching zones so we can be ready to open for classes as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we are waiting for our contractors to complete the bathrooms and enable power to the overhead lights. With those minimum amenities completed, we will be able to properly plan ahead for our first gym tours and classes for those on our founder's club list.


All signs point to an April opening. Founder Club members may be invited to tour the gym space as early as the final weeks of March or the first weeks of April. Be sure to sign up for our founder's club if you haven't already. Keep an eye out for texts and emails from us as we approach our opening dates!

Our parkour gym's address is 4788 La Sierra Ave, Riverside, California, 92505

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