Mask Update | May 2021

Updated CDC guidelines recommend that vaccinated people can resume normal life activities, going mask-free in many situations. While these are just recommendations, it’s up to state and local officials to update governing policy and for local businesses to set their own business-level policies. Freedom in Motion Parkour gyms have been following CDC guidelines since the beginning of the march 2020 pandemic. In light of these new policy changes, Freedom in Motion is planning its own adjustments to move towards a mask-free training zone that is still safe and welcoming to all gym members, staff, and guests. In this article, we’re going to lay out our plans for moving forward with a mask-free gym. This plan will take place over the next few months. At the time of posting this article, masks are still required for most gym sessions and events. Keep reading to see dates for when masks will be optional within the gyms.

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  1. Vaccinated people can go mask free according to CDC

  2. Ages 12+ are able to get Vax.

  3. Ages 12+ won’t be fully immune until at the soonest, 6 weeks from after they book their first vax appointment.

  4. Kids are much less likely to contract or spared Covid-19 according tot he CDC.

  5. No 12+ kids are fully immune at the time of this post, many have received dose no.1

  6. It’s going to be HOT pretty soon. Masks are hot.

  7. FiM is installing large ceiling fans to increase air flow. (good for heat and ventilation for healthy air.)

Starting May 20th

  1. All adult open gyms can go mask free, starting now (Most adults have received the vax)

  2. Private lessons may choose to go mask free, if they are the only session taking place in the gym.

  3. Masks may still be worn during these sessions if you choose.

Starting on June 14th

  1. FiM allows mask-free participation in all sessions for everyone. Masks optional

  2. 95% of FiM staff will be fully immune, with covid vaccinations.

  3. Continue to provide free masks for those who want it

  4. Unvaccinated staff & parents need to continue to ware masks while at FiM

We are selecting June 14th as the date to begin going mask-free. We choose this date because by this time all clients 12-year-old and older who wish to get the covid vaccination will have ample time to do so and will be fully immune thanks to the vaccination, according tot he CDC. It takes 6 weeks to receive both vaccination doses and become fully immune.


If you haven’t yet received the vaccine, we strongly encourage you to do so. Most of our staff have already received both doses and are doing great! Please help protect our gym and movement community. Get the process started right here at <— GET THE VACCINE!

Ongoing Precautions

We at Freedom in Motion understand that this is a tricky situation for some of our members. After reviewing the data and keeping certain elements in play (lister below) we’re confident that our plan will be safe for members to continue using the gym during and after this transition.

Cleaning: We will be continuing our cleaning procedures, we will likely never stop, its pretty great having such a nice clean gym.

Disinfectant spray: FiM will continue to reapply our powerful electrostatic cling spray that kills 99.9% of all microbes on ALL GYM SURFACES. Its a powerful technology made more available to small businesses like ours and we have been using it since we reopened last fall.

Airflow: We will keep our door’s open and fans running. We’re excited to be installing 10ft blade ceiling fans in the gym areas at both our gym locations. This will help cool the space while greatly increasing airflow. Airflow has been shows to be one of the most important factors in keeping a space safe during the pandemic.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our plan, please feel free to contact us here on our website. We genuinely care about the feedback we receive from our fans, and will reply to everything.

Thanks everyone! It’s been a wild year! We’re not out of the woods yet, GO GET THAT DARN VACCINATION ALREADY!

One more time, book your vaccine appointment right here.

Much love, Jimmy Davidson CEO, Founder.

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