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New Parkour Gym in Murrieta 2024

Discover the New and Improved Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym in Murrieta, CA!

We are thrilled to announce that our original Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym in Murrieta, CA, first opened in 2014, has been completely rebuilt and redesigned! After a decade of inspiring and training young athletes, we've transformed our facility from the ground up with the expertise of our parkour course designers. The new design not only enhances the aesthetic and functional aspects of the gym but also enriches the training experience for all our visitors.

Why Should Your Family Learn Parkour at Freedom in Motion?

Parkour is more than just physical exercise; it’s a pathway to unleashing your child's potential. At Freedom in Motion, we believe in nurturing the whole child—physically, mentally, and creatively. Here’s why parkour is an excellent choice for your child’s physical activities:

  • Builds Physical Strength: Parkour is a holistic physical workout that improves balance, coordination, and agility. It encourages children to use their muscles in diverse and challenging ways, promoting overall body strength and fitness.

  • Enhances Creativity: Unlike structured sports, parkour is about self-expression and freedom. Children learn to navigate and interact with their environment creatively, turning obstacles into opportunities.

  • Boosts Confidence: As children master new movements and overcome challenges, their confidence soars. Parkour teaches them to push their boundaries in a safe and supportive environment, fostering a strong sense of accomplishment.

  • Encourages Play: Parkour taps into the natural joy of movement. It’s fun and engaging, keeping children excited about physical activity and eager to learn more.

Parkour vs. Gymnastics: Embracing Freedom

While gymnastics is a... fine sport, parkour offers a unique approach that aligns wonderfully with how children naturally learn and play. Parkour is less about following strict routines and more about exploring personal limits and capabilities in an open, free environment. This freedom not only makes parkour more engaging for kids but also encourages them to be innovative in their movements.

The Ultimate Cross-Training Sport

Parkour is the ideal cross-training sport for any athletic discipline. It enhances core strength, spatial awareness, and strategic thinking, benefiting athletes in virtually any sport they pursue. During the off-season, parkour keeps kids active and sharp, integrating both mind and body for holistic fitness.

Join Us at Freedom in Motion!

We invite you and your family to experience the revamped Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym. Discover why parkour is the perfect activity for children looking to grow stronger, more creative, and more confident. Come in and try a class today! See for yourself how parkour can enrich your child's life and set them on a path of lifelong fitness and fun.

Join us at Freedom in Motion and let your child's parkour journey begin! Our parkour gym is in Murrieta California, just north of the Temecula border off Jefferson Ave!

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