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Redlands & Loma Linda Birthday Party Planning Guide

You’re a parent in the Redlands/ Loma Linda area and you’re looking for an amazing, unique, and affordable way to throw a memorable birthday party for your loved one. There are seemingly hundreds of things to consider when trying to plan a party for your youngster. From birthday party invitations to location choices, the options and opportunities can be a little daunting at first. In the end, when it all comes together, it’s all totally worth the work to see how happy your son or daughter and their friends are during the event.

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In this blog post, you’re going to give useful tips on how to plan for your family’s birthday party near Redlands CA. You’ll also get our top recommendations on where in the Valley you could go to throw your next big event. Let’s jump in!

Party Location and venues

Set and setting are vital to the success of your party. At-home parties or parties at local parks are easy but put the cleanup work is all on you. Many local businesses offer party packages that will lessen your overall workload. Of course, there is usually a booking fee. Below we offer our top 3 party location picks in the valley.

Birthday Party Planning Strategies

You don’t need to plan a 3-ring circus for your child’s party. All it takes to throw a successful party is for the child’s needs and tastes to be kept in mind when planning. Follow these tips, and throw a party that is fun for everyone, even the adults.

Involve Your Child in the Party Planning

Your child should help choose the party’s theme and activities, and can even help design the invitations: Have them draw on paper how they think the design might look. From there scan, print, or email!

Choose a Unifying Theme

Once you’ve chosen a theme, make it resonate through all the aspects of the party. For instance, a Parkour birthday theme could include ninja-themed goody bags, maybe each guest gets a black or red headband. That’s all it takes for a ninja costume nowadays.

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