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Great Job! You have saved your spot in our parkour summer camp!

If you would like to add another child or book more camp weeks you may complete the form again or contact us and let us know. You can find the same form here on this page, just scroll down...

What's Next?

We will contact you in the weeks before this camp to confirm your attendance and complete the remainder of the payment. If we can not get ahold of you, your spot will be lost so be on the lookout for our texts, emails, and calls. 

If your child has friends who want to join this camp, send them a link to our camp page ASAP before our spots fill

Weekly Classes?

Remember, we coach weekly parkour classes! If you want to be one of the most skilled kids in this camp then start learning the skills and strength of a ninja in the most fun way possible, by testing out one of our parkour sessions! 

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