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Inspire your friends to become a ninja!

You know what parkour has done for your family. Now it's time to share the love of movement with a friend!

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If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then you’re ready to hit "Invite Your Friends" to see the improved strength and movement your friend  will achieve in just a few weeks!

Still Wondering If You Should Share Parkour With Your Loved Ones?

If building a healthy relationship with play and movement has empower your family then you just have to share the love with your friends!

Young Kids 5-6 Years

Giving your child access to a program that teaches skills like climbing, balance, & safe and precise landings will set your kids up for a lifetime of athletic and academic success.


Our Parkour program for young kids is specially designed to work with the high-exploration nature of younger children.


FiM coaches will ignite your child’s imagination as we craft obstacle courses and play movement games each day in class, developing these kids into little parkour masters. Parents get to participate in these sessions too! 

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Kids Ages 7 Years+

Learning parkour is extremely beneficial for athletic development and for cultivating a love for movement in kids.


Parents will rejoice in knowing that kids stick with our parkour program for on average 400% longer than other traditional sports! The main reason being, kids are actually having fun in each session and our coaches help kids set goals plus acknowledge their own progressions and accomplishments each day.


Improved health and a powerful motivation to get up and play is a huge win-win for the whole family. 


Teens enrolled in our program tend to see huge improvements in their school work, ability to connect with others and make friends, and self-confidence as they learn their true movement potential in our sessions.

Traditional sports see nearly 93% of teens quit by the time teens turn 16. However, Parkour at Freedom in Motion has a powerful ability to personally motivate teens to challenge themselves and reach new heights of ability.


Teens who are interested in competition thrive on our competitive teams. Others find a wholesome and movement-loving community at our weekly open gym gatherings. 

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Here’s what their kids will learn in our parkour sessions

Greatly Improved Balance

You won’t believe the improvements that will be achieved after just a few sessions. A student’s overall balance and related strength will sky rocket.

Safe Landings

Coaches always show the safest ways to approach movements and how to land if things don’t go quite right. Our program has an industry leading low injury rate when compared to martial arts, gymnastics, and traditional sports. 

Proper Warm Up

Students are shows how to quickly yet effectively warm up to get them ready for optimal athletic performance. This helps reduce injuries while preparing students for a highly creative and physical session with their coaches. 

Parkour Fundamentals

Each day in class, students learn a variety of parkour skills with their coach. As they master said skills, they mark their progress on their skills checklists and automatically rang into higher-up classes as they progress. Students may participate on our competition team once they reach level-3! 


All the benefit of a gymnastics program with none of the leotards and overbearing rules. As students progress in our program they learn acrobatic skills like tumbling, flips, handstands, free running, and more! Our gym’s crash mats, foam pits, and spring floor offer an amazing training facility for learning acrobatics.

Goal Setting

And potentially more important than goal setting, acknowledgment of progress on your goals. Each month we host Goals Week in our gym where coaches personally connect with students and families so we can understand your goals, what’s currently motivating you, and to help create a game plan for achieving your goals. This is HUGE for continued motivation and developing a personal passion for movement for all ages. 

And so much more!
Its honestly difficult to sum up all the life-long benefits our students achieve in our program.
But out 4.9 / 5 star online reviews composed of over 1,000 reviews speaks for its self!
There is a good reason why were a leading parkour program in the country and we’re excited to show you when you visit the gym! 

Here Are Some More Reviews From Our Clients

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About Us
World Class Coaches

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What’s our secret sauce? Why have we seen so many powerful transformative success stories here at our gyms? It all comes down to the heroes leading our daily sessions, the coaches! Our team knows that for parkour to be successful for your family, its essential to keep things fun and engaging while taking the time to create goals with our students and acknowledge the progress towards those goals along the way. 

Our coaches see themselves as mentors. When students encounter challenges, we take the opportunity to work with students to overcome these challenges on both a physical and mental level. Kids learn valuable life lessons in our daily sessions such as failure is necessary while on the path to success, and focus and determination lead to progression and eventually success. Lessons that transcend our program and are useful for a lifetime. 

What are the credentials of our coaching team? Our parkour coaches are CPR / First Aid certified as well as completing our in-house coaching certification. Before coaches take on their own sessions, they spent a ton of time under the guidance of our head coaches assisting in classes and learning exactly the best ways to motivate and connect with our students. 

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  • Can we take a trial class?
    Yes! We recommend trying your first session and seeing how well our gym and program works for your family. A trial lesson is $30 and is booked in advance with our team, typically over the phone. Arrive 10 mins before your session to get a tour of the facility and meet your coach!
  • My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?
    We see this often, a kid doesn't click with traditional sports and is left feeling uninspired and gravitating back to screen-time at home. Luckily, parkour at Freedom in Motion feels like a video game in real life! Without the daunting rules and expectations that come with traditional sports; kids use their bodies in ways they never have before. Kids thrive in our programs as they climb, swing, flip into the foam pit, and more. Watch their inner love for play and movement finally blossom here at Freedom in Motion. Watch our video testimonials from parents in our gym and see for yourself!
  • What ages do you accept?
    We accept kids as young as 5 years old. We have weekly sessions for 5-6, Kids 7 up to 13, and even weekly sessions for teens and adults! We separate our sessions by age groups and skill level.
  • How should I dress?
    Dress for movement and play! A T-shirt, shorts or sweats, and some good athletic shoes are all you need. You should also bring a water bottle. If it’s hot or cold out, dress for the weather as the gym space may be warm or cool depending on the outside temperature.
  • I feel clumsy, is parkour really right for me?
    Absolutely! Learning parkour begins at your current level of fitness. You’re going to love how caring and patient our coaches are. We work with you at your own pace as you learn the fundamentals of parkour.
  • What Charter Schools work with Freedom in Motion?
    At Freedom in Motion, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of charter schools, making our programs accessible to a broad community. Our current partners include: Cabrillo Point Academy Citrus Springs Compass Elite Charter School Empire Springs Epic Charter School Excel Academy Gorman Learning Center Granite Mountain Harbor Springs ILead Julian Charter School Mains’l Mission Vista Pacific Coast Academy River Springs Sage Oak Scale Academy Sky Mountain Suncoast Academy ​ If your child's school is on this list, they may be eligible to benefit from our parkour classes as part of their PE curriculum. Don't see your school on this list? Contact us and let us know to apply!
  • Funding Deadlines & Submission
    Most partner schools require fund submissions 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. It's essential for FIM to have the funds by the first week of each month to schedule and commence classes efficiently. Send your purchase orders to us at once you have your school's paperwork. Some schools send it to us on your behalf.
  • Annual Registration Fee
    A nominal annual registration fee of $45 is required for charter members, which most schools do not cover. We recommend reaching out to your charter school to confirm their policy regarding this fee. This is a required fee for all participants and grand you the ability to participate in a membership here at Freedom in Motion.
  • Flexibility with Funds
    FIM offers the flexibility to request funds to be added as an account credit for use during the Summer/Winter break, enhancing the convenience for planning your child’s activities. Please let us know in advance if you want us to save any portion of your funds as credit.
  • Ages & Pricing for Charter School Students
    Our pricing is designed to cater to different needs and age groups: Ages 5-6 4 visits/month: $147 8 visits/month: $190 Ages 7+ 4 visits/month: $170 8 visits/month: $212 16 visits/month: $342 Additional Options Trial class: $30 Drop-in class: $50 6 pack of sessions: $240 Private lesson: $75 Parent Night Out (PNO): $30 Camps: Single Day $99, 5 day $399
  • Can we take a trial class?
    Yes! We recommend trying your first session and seeing how well our gym and program work for your family. A trial lesson is $30 and is booked in advance with our team, typically over the phone. Arrive 10 minutes before your session to tour the facility and meet your coach! Most charter school families pay for this out of pocket because that's much faster than waiting for your charter school to create a purchase order. However, some schools will pay for your trial lesson.
  • Class Scheduling
    Children can attend sessions outside of the standard charter school times, based on availability and the correct age/level. This flexibility ensures that your child can participate in parkour classes that fit your family's schedule, although future adjustments may occur to accommodate growing demand. Here is how to register yourself for sessions from your phone!

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For any questions or new enrollment, bookings, or pricing, email us here:

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