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Throw an Incredible Birthday Party With Zero Hassle 

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How Parties Work

The incredible coaches at Freedom in Motion will provide the ultimate birthday party experience for your guests. Here's how you can expect your party to go...


  • Group Warm-Up: The coaches will make sure everyone is warmed up and ready to go. 

  • Mini Parkour Lesson: We begin with a short introduction lesson ensuring guests know how to climb around safely

  • Custom Obstacle Courses: We craft a variety of obstacle courses specific to the age and skill of your party guests. We craft fun and inclusive courses. 

  • GamesGet ready for a variety of thrilling parkour games facilitated by your event coach! 

  • Food and Gifts: If you like, we can save time at the end of your party for food and gifts. You may bring your own food, or order food through us!

  • Party Area: We will set up tables and chairs for you in our designated party areas! 

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Parents LOVE Our Gym

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  • Standard Parties start at 90 minutes of total run time

  • Includes up to 15 participants. +$10 per additional participant

  • Order Pizza directly through us.

  • Additional time may be added to $88.50 per half-hour

  • Pricing starts at $399

  • This price already includes an %18 tip for our coaches and staff.

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Upgrade to a deluxe party package for these added benefits.

  • Includes an additional 30 mins of party time for a full 2-hour party.

  • You may now bring up to 25 guests

  • Includes 3 large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni)

  • This price already includes an 18% tip for our coaches and staff.

Add these deluxe features for just +$99. The total price after the tip is $498

More Info

  • Up to 2 standard parties can be booked at once. Each party gets its own dedicated staff and coaches to run the event.

  • Each party gets its own separate party area complete with tables and chairs and counter space for food.

  • Adult party? If you wish to bring any sort of alcohol, please let us know so we can make you aware of our policies and best practices regarding alcohol.

  • A cleaning fee of up to $75 (depending on severity) may be added to your total bill at the gym's discretion.

  • Kids under 6 need a parent present (parent chaperones don't count towards 15 participant count)

  • See the rules & policies section below for more.

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Corporate team-building events at Freedom in motion are an awesome way to solidify any team and increase overall morale and creativity. Build teamwork & communications while laughing together and learning new skills all with our experienced coaches! 

  • Great for adult beginners of all ages. 

  • Group mobility and slow warm-up for safety and confidence building

  • Team obstacle course challenges

  • Amazing for solidifying new and existing teams at your workplace

Customizable party packages.

  • Corporate events start at 90 minutes of total run time for $475.

  • Additional time may be added to $75 per half-hour.

  • Includes up to 15 participants. +$15 per additional participant.

  • Books the entire gym for your event.

  • See the rules & policies section below for more.

Free Party Invitations Download

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The following is our system of rules & principles to guide decisions and uphold our high standard or quality here at Freedom in motion.

Follow all posted gym rules: Participants are expected to follow all FiM rules. Failure to follow all gym rules will result in any participants or groups being asked to leave the gym with no refund.

Waivers: Each participating minor is required to have a current release of liability waiver on file for our gym before they may participate. These waivers must be filled out by a legal parent guardian. Waivers filled out by friends or extended family will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Over Time Charges: Our coaches do their best to keep parties on track so that they may end at the appropriate agreed upon time. Your party is expected to be concluded and cleanup underway at the ending time of your party. Our coaches will grant a complimentary few moments to wrap up the party time after the end time has passed, however at 15 minutes or more over time the coach is required to apply additional charges to your total party bill. Please respect our coaches time and any parties that may be booked after your own.

  • Every 15 mins over will result in an additional $45 charge

  • Every 30 mins over will result in an additional $75 charge

Additional Participants: Extra participants over the number of agreed-upon guests will be billed to your account at the end of the party automatically.

Very Young Kids: Kids under 6 need a parent present (parent chaperones don't count towards 15 participant count) or they will not be permitted onto the parkour training area.

Cleaning fee: Parties that leave a mess above and beyond what is reasonably expected from a typical party will be subject to a cleaning fee up to $75. Food fights, spilled bodily fluids & substances, and other hard to clean up occurrences will call for this cleaning fee. Please respect our gym, equipment, and coaches.

Party Payment is nonrefundable: This policy is pretty standard for Event payments in the party industry. Once a down payment has been made you have agreed to reserve that day and time for your event, blocking other parties from being booked at those times. Because of this, your down payment applies only to your agreed-upon party start time and thus is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Party Cancelations: Parties may be canceled up to one week before their start time for an account credit refund. Parties cancelations within 7 days of your event will be charged a 50% cancelation fee. Parties canceled within 48 hours of your event will be charged the full amount of the party.

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