Charter School Enrollment

Let Your School Pay For Parkour!

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Freedom in Motion is a vendor at your local charter school. You may request that FiM becomes your P.E. provider and your school will pay for your monthly membership! 

Step 1

  • Try a session: Try your first session for just $30. Have your school pay or pay yourself for faster service.

    Click "Try a class" to get started. 

NOTE: Let us know you're here for charter school lessons, so we can give you access to the Morning schedule classes, specifically for home & charter school programs. 

Step 2

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Request the funds: Tell your school that you're ready to sign up for parkour! Use the table below to discover the pricing. 

  • Once a week: Request $170 / Month ($39/session)

  • Twice a week: Request $212 / Month ($26/session)

  • Four a week: Request $342 / Month ($19.75/session)

  • Include a $45 annual registration fee for the school year for your first payment only. You can also pay for this out of pocket if you like. (all students required) 

Step 3

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Start Attending Morning Sessions! Use your gym account to enroll online into the morning sessions during the weekdays (M-F). The week-day morning sessions are exclusively for charter & home school families.

​You will see emails and SMS sent to you once we receive funds from your school. They will contain instructions on how to log in and enroll in your sessions. Use the "Help" tab for more info.


Note, your charter membership doesn't grant access to after-school or weekend programs.  



"My son and his friends loved it. The way the coaches encourage the students and challenge them with new skills and ideas is awesome. Best sport we have tried in a long time. "

- Jake S.  2021

"We had never heard of parkour before this. My daughter's friend invited her to a class and she instantly found her groove. This was one of the first activities that she felt able to give it her all care about improving. 

- Stathum P.  2021

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Did you know? 

Nicely Done! You discovered our parkour gym. Now, share the secret with your friends and spread the love for movement! 

Bring a new friend and you BOTH get $25 in gym credit.