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Coaching Certification

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The Freedom in Motion coaching certification program is designed to equip any movement coach with the knowledge to lead any beginner and intermediate level parkour class. Backed by 1000's of hours of live coaching experience and in-depth curriculum development, the Freedom in Motion coaching certification is packed with methods proven to safely teach parkour fundementals to any athlete. Whether you yourself are a parkour athlete or you're a movement coach of another discipline, this program will greatly increase your movement competency and general coach capability.

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Industry Leader

Freedom in Motion is a leader in parkour coaching and parkour gym managment


1,000 s of hours of coached classes & parkour curriculum development


Designed for movement professionals looking to gain the skills necessary for parkour coaching


Exclusive access into a network of other certified coaches and program developers

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Become An Epic Coach

During this certification, applicants will hone the coaching skills necessary for leading any parkour session through the power of both lab and lecture. Applicants will be challenged to refine their own fundamental parkour skills, as well as their communication capabilities when instructing their students.

This certification's leaders will guide applicants through the science behind parkour movements and will reveal how to facilitate a successful parkour coaching experience. Through movement drills, mock lessons, speaking workshops, and practical application, applicants will learn to coach diverse movement skills to a wide variety of age groups, including kids.


Freedom in Motion's certification was designed to provide coaches with the necessary knowledge and experience to maintain the true spirit of parkour and to teach beginning practitioners safely and effectively.

In short, applicants will learn:

  • Parkour philosophy & history

  • Safe & sustainable training practices

  • Class management & techniques

  • Lesson plan development 

  • Speaking skills 

  • Leadership skills

  • Coaching principles

  • Movement science

  • Basic first responder training


To register for the Freedom in Motion level-1 coaching certification, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • 16 years old minimum age

  • Minimum 6-months of parkour experience and competency in parkour fundamentals (quadrupedal movement, rolling, balancing, vaulting, etc.)

  • Some experience coaching any movement practice (parkour, martial arts, other sports)

  • Complete the FiM lv-1 certification online application

  • Receive confirmation and approval of the said application

  • To save a spot, full payment must be made no later than 14 days before the event

To successfully become certified, applicants must:

  • Participate in the full event

  • Demonstrate competency at basic parkour movements during the event

  • Pass the written test at the end of the event (80% grade or higher)

  • Pass the practical coaching tests after the event (via video submissions or live evaluation)

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  • Save my spot $50 down (applied towards your certification)

  • Certification Pass: $499 Due two weeks before the event

    If you're hired as a coach at Freedom in Motion, this fee is 50% to 100% refundable depending on current offers! 


Organization group rates (contact us to claim)

  • 10% off total addition for 2

  • 15% off total addition for 3

  • 20%off total addition for 4

  • 25% off total addition for 5 or more

  • 10 or more, contact us for special rates and opportunities. 
    Payment plans available

Payment Plans Available, contact us for information about setting up a payment plan for this event. 


Amy D.


If you want to learn from passionate parkour coaches who are deeply invested in their craft and know how to have fun at the same time, this is the place! The coaching certification course was such a fun and stretching experience! Highly recommend this gym and training


Maayan. O

Amazing parkour gym facility! The coaching certification process was very informational and a great personal growth experience.


Cathryn N.

The staff at Freedom in Motion are great. They’re patient, understanding, and lots of fun. I recently took the Coaching Certification through them and it was informative, professional and I definitely came out more knowledgeable!I highly recommend this.



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