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Feiyue Parkour Shoes

FiM is now accepting pre-orders on Feiyue Parkour Shoes, Form Below.


 Complete the form below and your shoes will arrive at your gym location after pre-order ends on July 14th. We hope to have these shoes in before schools are back in session! 

Shoe-Fits Guarantee

We understand that ordering shoes online can be tricky. If your shoes don't fit, we are happy to exchange them at no extra cost or refund your money entirely if they are still in excellent condition. 

Let us know if you want some shoes back in stock at the gyms! This form helps us understand what sizes to order. Shoes are $40 in the gym and completing this form is not a purchase of the shoes, simply you letting us know to order more. Thanks for your help! 

Shoe Interest Form

Thank you!
For multiple shoes complete this form again. Shoes will be $40 once picked up in the gym. 

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