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Parkour Competitions


Put your skills to the test in our annual parkour competitions and regional competitive league!

Competitions are separated by age group and movement style. 

SKILL: Complete the set challenges for points, most points wins

SPEED: Race through the obstacle courses, best time wins. 

FREESTYLE: Wow the judges with your skill, flow, and creativity to earn points. 

2024's "New Years Comp"
at FiM Riverside 

WCPKC League Event. January 6th and 7th
Open to all ages.

9:00am   -  10:00am   --   Check in and Warm Ups

10:00am -  10:30am   --   Freestyle Explanation and Freestyle Practice

10:30am -  1:00pm     --   Freestyle and Tie Breakers

1:00pm   -  1:30pm     --   Freestyle Awards

1:30pm   -  2:00pm     --   Explanation of Speed 

2:00pm   -  4:00pm     --   Speed and Tie Breakers

4:00pm   -  4:30pm     --   Speed Awards

4:30pm   -  5:00pm     --   Explanation of Skills

5:00pm   -  7:00pm     --   Skills and Tie Breakers

7:00pm   -  7:30pm     --   Skills Awards

7:30pm   -  8:00pm     --   Open Gym Jam

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