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Here You Will Learn Parkour With Top-Rated Coaches in a World-Class Training Facility


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Why Kids need to Master Parkour?

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Learning parkour develops strength
& coordination as well as promotes accurate decision-making, giving them an advantage in school.

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Research has proven that with good physical activity, kids tend to be cognitively more active.

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By overcoming obstacles in our parkour classes, students develop the habit of conquering other challenges in life as well.

Why Learn from Freedom in Motion?

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Builds the “Parkour” Mindset for Kids- To Fail Fast & Learn Fast

Specializes in Athletic Movement training for Kids.

Daily obstacle courses develop incredible strength within your kids.

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Expert in teaching the “Art of Falling Safe”

15+ years of injury and fall prevention through learning parkour.

Develops rapid accurate decision making keeping students safe for life's unexpected moments.

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Helps your child learn how to set and work towards goals.

Trained parkour professional with 10+ years of experience

Proven expertise in empowering kids from beginner to advance level

What parents think about us !!


  • Can we take a trial class?
    Yes! We recommend trying your first session and seeing how well our gym and program works for your family. A trial lesson is $30 and is booked in advance with our team, typically over the phone. Arrive 10 mins before your session to get a tour of the facility and meet your coach!
  • My kids don't like sports, will they like parkour?
    We see this often, a kid doesn't click with traditional sports and is left feeling uninspired and gravitating back to screen-time at home. Luckily, parkour at Freedom in Motion feels like a video game in real life! Without the daunting rules and expectations that come with traditional sports; kids use their bodies in ways they never have before. Kids thrive in our programs as they climb, swing, flip into the foam pit, and more. Watch their inner love for play and movement finally blossom here at Freedom in Motion. Watch our video testimonials from parents in our gym and see for yourself!
  • What ages do you accept?
    We accept kids as young as 5 years old. We have weekly sessions for 5-6, Kids 7 up to 13, and even weekly sessions for teens and adults! We separate our sessions by age groups and skill level.
  • How should I dress?
    Dress for movement and play! A T-shirt, shorts or sweats, and some good athletic shoes are all you need. You should also bring a water bottle. If it’s hot or cold out, dress for the weather as the gym space may be warm or cool depending on the outside temperature.
  • I feel clumsy, is parkour really right for me?
    Absolutely! Learning parkour begins at your current level of fitness. You’re going to love how caring and patient our coaches are. We work with you at your own pace as you learn the fundamentals of parkour.
  • What Charter Schools work with Freedom in Motion?
    At Freedom in Motion, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of charter schools, making our programs accessible to a broad community. Our current partners include: Cabrillo Point Academy Citrus Springs Compass Elite Charter School Empire Springs Epic Charter School Excel Academy Gorman Learning Center Granite Mountain Harbor Springs ILead Julian Charter School Mains’l Mission Vista Pacific Coast Academy River Springs Sage Oak Scale Academy Sky Mountain Suncoast Academy ​ If your child's school is on this list, they may be eligible to benefit from our parkour classes as part of their PE curriculum. Don't see your school on this list? Contact us and let us know to apply!
  • Funding Deadlines & Submission
    Most partner schools require fund submissions 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. It's essential for FIM to have the funds by the first week of each month to schedule and commence classes efficiently. Send your purchase orders to us at once you have your school's paperwork. Some schools send it to us on your behalf.
  • Annual Registration Fee
    A nominal annual registration fee of $45 is required for charter members, which most schools do not cover. We recommend reaching out to your charter school to confirm their policy regarding this fee. This is a required fee for all participants and grand you the ability to participate in a membership here at Freedom in Motion.
  • Flexibility with Funds
    FIM offers the flexibility to request funds to be added as an account credit for use during the Summer/Winter break, enhancing the convenience for planning your child’s activities. Please let us know in advance if you want us to save any portion of your funds as credit.
  • Ages & Pricing for Charter School Students
    Our pricing is designed to cater to different needs and age groups: Ages 5-6 4 visits/month: $147 8 visits/month: $190 Ages 7+ 4 visits/month: $170 8 visits/month: $212 16 visits/month: $342 Additional Options Trial class: $30 Drop-in class: $50 6 pack of sessions: $240 Private lesson: $75 Parent Night Out (PNO): $30 Camps: Single Day $99, 5 day $399
  • Can we take a trial class?
    Yes! We recommend trying your first session and seeing how well our gym and program work for your family. A trial lesson is $30 and is booked in advance with our team, typically over the phone. Arrive 10 minutes before your session to tour the facility and meet your coach! Most charter school families pay for this out of pocket because that's much faster than waiting for your charter school to create a purchase order. However, some schools will pay for your trial lesson.
  • Class Scheduling
    Children can attend sessions outside of the standard charter school times, based on availability and the correct age/level. This flexibility ensures that your child can participate in parkour classes that fit your family's schedule, although future adjustments may occur to accommodate growing demand. Here is how to register yourself for sessions from your phone!

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We will contact you and let you know exactly what sessions are best for based on your age group and availability!

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Place is super fun and professional. Kids get to train like ninjas. They practice safety first which is reassuring.

Clean and cool environment. Awesome instructors,

Rachel is the best though “

Taylor Dickerson
Happy Parent

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