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November's 'Thankful for Friends' Contest: Bring friends and win for your school!

At Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym, we've always valued the sense of community and friendship found in our gym created by our members and coaches.

And what better way to celebrate these bonds than by dedicating the entire month of November to our theme: "Thankful for Friends." It's a special time to show gratitude to the friends who've been with you throughout your parkour journey.

But that's not all!

We've got an exciting competition that will not only bring you closer to your friends but also allow you to give back to your community in a powerful way.

The "Thankful for Friends" Competition

Throughout the entire month of November, we're hosting a thrilling competition to celebrate your friendships. Here's how it works:

Earn Points: For every new friend you bring to Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym (new meaning they haven't visited us before), you'll earn 1 point. If your new friend decides to sign up for a membership during November, you'll earn a whopping 10 points.

Check-In: When you arrive with your new friends, make sure to check them in at the front desk. We'll be keeping track of your points right there.

Win Big: At the end of the month, we'll have winners at each of our gym locations: Loma Linda, Riverside, and Murrieta. And they're in for some fantastic rewards:

  1. Donation to Your School Classroom: Freedom in Motion will donate $200 to the school classroom of the winner's choice. It's a great way to support education and make a meaningful impact on your community.

  2. Parkour Party for Your Entire Classroom: The whole classroom gets to enjoy a 90-minute parkour party, where everyone can learn parkour together and have a blast.

Events to Help You Bring Your Friends

We know that inviting your friends to the gym is more enjoyable when there's something special to look forward to. That's why we've put together a lineup of exciting events throughout November:

1. "Thankful-4-Friends" Event (November 4th, 1 pm - 3 pm, Ages 7+): This open gym event is a perfect opportunity to introduce your friends to the world of parkour. What's more, if you bring a friend, you both get in for free!

2. Veterans Day Parkour Camp: We've got a full-day parkour camp on Veterans Day, making it a perfect day for kids to join us while they have the day off from school.

3. Fall Showcase (November 18th, 2 pm - 5 pm): This is a free event for members and their invited friends. Watch our members put their skills to the test, and we encourage parents to bring food for a potluck. Plus, this is THE biggest sales event for the gym, so it's a great opportunity to grab fantastic discounts on membership, events, and merchandise.

4. Parents Night Out (November 18th, 5 pm - 8 pm, Ages 7+): For just $30 or free with a guest pass, we're offering three hours of open gym, movement games, obstacle courses, and a delicious pizza dinner. Designed to let parents take a well-deserved night off while the kids have a blast.

5. Fall Camp (November 20th - 22nd): It's a three-day parkour camp for ages 7+ during the Thanksgiving break. Let your friends experience the thrill of parkour with our expert coaches.

6. Member's Jam Day (November 20th and 21st): Members and their invited friends can attend a special parkour jam at the gym. This is a unique opportunity to experience the true essence of a parkour jam and keep moving and learning even during the Fall camp.

7. Plus, Our Regular Sessions: Don't forget our usual open gym sessions and Level-1 beginner's parkour sessions, scheduled nearly every day of the week. We're always here to help you progress and have fun.

Need More Guest Passes?

While we have many free events this month, many still require payment or a guest pass. You can earn three additional guest passes this month with ease! Learn how here.

This November, we invite you to cherish your friendships, introduce your pals to the world of parkour, and make a positive impact on your community. Let's be "Thankful for Friends" together at Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym. We will announce the winners of the November Thankful-for-friends contest in early December.

Join us in celebrating the spirit of friendship and adventure this November! Remember to check your new friends in at the front desk, and we'll keep track of your points there.

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