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Amy Dominguez | Athlete Interview

From new recruit to west coast finalist in just 2 years, Freedom in Motion's coach Amy Dominguez has made a huge impact on the local movement scene and stands as a major inspiration to local athletes. Especially young girls looking for powerful role models in the sport. In this article, we catch up with Amy to see how she got to this point and what's next on her journey.

At Freedom in Motion, we always get questions like “Why is parkour a good sport for my children?” or, “What are the ways that parkour could help me in my everyday life? There is no one better to ask than our coaches. Our coaches are athletes, who just like all of you had to have started somewhere. They have conquered many battles both in the air and in the mind to be able to teach this form of movement. We have asked them a few questions to show you their parkour journey and we can’t wait to get yours started too!

This is Coach Amy Dominguez

Amy is based out of the FiM Loma Linda location* and has been doing parkour since early 2020. In that time, Amy has thrived in the deep sense of community found within parkour. Let's jump into this interview.

How has coaching at FIM changed your life?

Coaching at FIM has changed my life in a multitude of ways. First, it has thrown me into an amazing community that I never knew existed. The parkour community is accepting, encouraging, and always pushing you to challenge yourself. My mindset towards movement as a lifestyle has only been strengthened. It’s confirmed the belief I have towards valuing the abilities of the body when combined with the power of the mind. On that note, I’m the strongest physically I’ve ever been in my life so that’s cool. I’ve done things I never imagined myself doing during this season of my life, and that feels really empowering.