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Charter School P.E. Vendor FAQ | Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym

In the evolving landscape of education and physical fitness, Freedom in Motion (FIM) stands out as a pioneering parkour gym and charter school vendor, offering an exceptional Physical Education program tailored for charter school students. Our unique partnership with local charter schools enables families to access our top-tier parkour classes, ensuring a dynamic and engaging PE solution.

This article aims to address the most common queries from charter school parents and guide you through the process, making your child’s journey into parkour a seamless experience. Additionally, we'll incorporate keywords to enhance search engine visibility, ensuring parents seeking a robust PE alternative can easily find us.

CHosing the best charter school P.e. vendor is freedom in motion parkour gym

Charter School Partnerships (updated 2024)

At Freedom in Motion, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse array of charter schools, making our programs accessible to a broad community. Our current partners include:

  • Cabrillo Point Academy

  • Citrus Springs

  • Compass

  • Elite Charter School

  • Empire Springs

  • Epic Charter School

  • Excel Academy

  • Gorman Learning Center

  • Granite Mountain

  • Harbor Springs

  • ILead

  • Julian Charter School

  • Mains’l

  • Mission Vista

  • Pacific Coast Academy

  • River Springs

  • Sage Oak

  • Scale Academy

  • Sky Mountain

  • Suncoast Academy ​

If your child's school is on this list, they may be eligible to benefit from our parkour classes as part of their PE curriculum. Don't see your school on this list? Contact us and let us know to apply!

Funding Deadlines & Submission

Understanding the funding process is crucial for a smooth experience. Most partner schools require fund submissions 2 weeks prior to the start of each month. It's essential for FIM to have the funds by the first week of each month to schedule and commence classes efficiently.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is designed to cater to different needs and age groups:

  • Ages 7+

  • 4 visits/month: $170

  • 8 visits/month: $212

  • 16 visits/month: $342

  • Ages 5-6

  • 4 visits/month: $147

  • 8 visits/month: $190

  • Additional Options

  • Trial class: $30

  • Drop-in class: $50

  • 6 pack of sessions: $240

  • Private lesson: $75

  • Parent Night Out (PNO): $30

  • Camps: Single Day $99, 5 day $399

Annual Registration Fee (Required)

A nominal annual registration fee of $45 is required for charter members, which most schools do not cover. We recommend reaching out to your charter school to confirm their policy regarding this fee.

Flexibility with Funds

FIM offers the flexibility to request funds to be added as an account credit for use during the Summer/Winter break, enhancing the convenience for planning your child’s activities.

Class Scheduling

Children can attend sessions outside of the standard charter school times, based on availability and the correct age/level. This flexibility ensures that your child can participate in parkour classes that fit your family's schedule, although future adjustments may occur to accommodate growing demand.

Customer Support at Freedom in Motion

Freedom in Motion is proud to have a robust customer support system!


Freedom in Motion Gym emerges as a leading parkour gym, offering an innovative PE solution for charter school students. Our partnership with charter schools, coupled with a flexible pricing structure and scheduling options, provides a comprehensive and engaging fitness experience for children. By addressing these FAQs, we hope to facilitate an easier decision-making process for parents looking for a dynamic, alternative PE program. For more information or to start your child’s parkour journey, visit our website or contact

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