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February is "Share the Love" Month

Freedom in Motion's mission is to share parkour and the joy of movement with 1 million people. February is an amazing time to encourage friends and loved ones to stay committed to their new-year goals and fill their lives with play.

3 guest passes for FiM members

We're giving all FiM members three guest passes this February plus we're launching an epic reward system where you can earn event tickets and parkour training gear for inviting your friends to our fun events.

The goal is to share parkour with your loved ones and invite them to begin their parkour journey with you! For each new friend you invite to the gym this month, you earn one point. If they enroll as a member you earn 10 points. There are some additional ways to earn points below.

Points = Prizes

Whoever earns the most points at each location will win a 90-minute parkour party for you and all of your friends! Show your new friends to our helpful team members at the front desk to earn your points!

Other ways to earn points

Here are all the ways you can earn points for prizes this February.

  1. Bring a new friend into the gym: 1 point

  2. Your friends enroll in a membership: 10 points

  3. Leave a review for FiM on Google, Facebook, or Yelp: 1 point for each platform. 3 points available.

  4. Place a FiM car window decal on your car window: 3 points (Sticker free at the front desk)

Double the friend referral credit for February 💝

Normally when a friend you invite signs up, you earn $25. In February any friends you bring in will earn you those 10 points and also we are doubling our account credit reward to $50.

Events to invite your friends to

Here are the best events for you to invite your friends to give them a fun beginner friendly experience here at Freedom in Motion.

  • Any level-1 class (You can join them, even if you're not level-1)

  • Any open gym session

  • President's Day Camp (Feb 19th)

  • Bring a buddy Jam | Feb 18th 3pm - 430 (Murrieta & RIverside only - Learn more below)

  • Parents Night Out  ( Feb 24th 5-8pm)

  • Bring a buddy Jam | Feb 25th 3pm - 430 ( All locations - Learn more below)

"New" friends are friends who have not yet held a membership at Freedom in Motion.

If they have never been with us before, we strongly encourage you to refer them here so our team can create their account and help them set up their waiver

Bring a buddy Jams

ON both Feb 18th (For Riverside and Murrieta locations) and Feb 25th (For all locations) from 3 to 430pm we're throwing bring a friend events! These will be a combination of a beginner's workshop and an open gym. Members are encouraged to bring friends and let them discover what parkour is all about at this event. 🚸 New friends are required to have one of their parents arrive with them to the gym and stay and observe the beginner's workshop portion of this event. These events are just $10 per person. Ages 7+.

Thank you for helping us share the love for movement with more families in our community!

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