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FiM's Commitment To the Environment

Stewardship toward the environment is a core value of the founder and leaders here at Freedom in Motion. We take special note to weave certain environmentally friendly practices into the way we do business. In this article, you can see what Freedom in Motion is doing to live up to our ideas.


Running a sustainable business is a core value for our company founders. This means leaving a positive impact on the cities and states we do business in. Specifically, we want to achieve these things as we continue to grow.

  1. Plant Trees | Building our gyms use a lot of wood. Freedom in Motion makes a monthly donation to the National Forest Foundation to offset the amount of wood our gyms use. (Innovative began in 2020)

  2. Own our own buildings | We want to purchase the buildings our gyms occupy, this will allow us a greater degree of control over how much renewable energy we can deploy to power our gyms. Coming soon

  3. Renewable Energy | We want to install solar and wind components to generate enough energy to run our gyms. Coming Soon

  4. Sustainable Business Practices | We will be sensitive to the vendors we work with and other companies we support, vetting them to make sure they are also good-for-everyone businesses. We aim to be a carbon-negative business!

Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym donates to the forest foundation
FiM makes a monthly donation to offset the wood we use to build our gyms.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Have you noticed the bottle filling stations in each of our gyms? These stations keep thousands of plastic bottles out of your local landfills! Please consider bringing your own water bottle to each session so you can make use of our filling stations! (Innovative began in 2017)

Environmentally Safe Cleaning Practices

Freedom in Motion uses cleaning practices that are chemical free like steam cleaning our parkour gym's floors (coming soon). In other cases, FiM has switched away from toxic cleaners that would do harm to our local water cycle once rinsed down the drain. (Innovative began in 2022)


As Freedom in Motion continues to grow we will update this article with our latest efforts to support a healthy climate!

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