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FiM’s Competitive Winnings | May 2018

May has already been a big month in the competitive world of sport parkour. The month is only halfway through and Freedom in Motion athletes have already brought home a number of podium placements from various parkour competitions around the south-west region.

With Freedom in Motion’s NAPC qualifying events coming up on the 19th, we wanted to take a moment to recognize those FiM athletes who have racked up some accomplishments from recent events in the southwest region

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WCPKC | FiM Win’s 1st in PRO Division

Freedom in Motion is the winner in the Pro division of the West Coast Parkour Championships!

The WCPKC was a regional parkour league that spanned all of southern California. After a total of three competitions, taking place at three various gyms, Freedom in Motion’s coaches and athletes overwhelmingly won the team award as well as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd individual placements.

Freedom in Motion also took home 3rd place in the youth team division and 2nd place in the teen’s team division. Great job everyone!

Congrats to FiM sponsored athlete, Sean Rinehart, who won the most points overall out of any other competitor. Sean is the one with the baby on his shoulders. That’s Max, his son!

StreetStyle Comp | FiM Wins 2nd in Freestyle & Speed in Arizona

Freedom in Motion coaches Joshua Malone and Tyler Trueblood drove out to Arizona to participate in the Streetstyle Competition. This was an outdoor event held by the local outdoor AZ parkour community.

Coach Tyler Trueblood took second place in the Chasetag event. Chasetag is similar to a typical speed competition, only it places competitors in a one-on-one chase-and-avoid situation. It’s a load of fun. Click here to see a video example.

Meanwhile, Coach Joshua Melone placed 2nd place in the freestyle competition. Check one of his runs below!

Apex NorCal NAPC Qualifiers | FiM Wins 2nd in Men’s Skills

The North American Parkour Championships is hosting qualifying events all over the country, much like the one Freedom in Motion is hosting on the 19th and 20th. This past weekend, a qualifying event was held in Apex Norcal’s gym. Athletes from all over the country showed up for this event! Members form competitive groups like team RillaHops from Florida, team Vanguard from New York, and several others flew out to the bay area to participate in this event.

After two days of competition Freedom in Motion founder Jimmy Davidson made it through round one, gained the lead in semifinals, and finished with a 2nd place in the Men’overall skills competition. Well done, Jimmy!

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 5.45.08 PM

That wraps up the recent victories for Freedom in Motion athletes and coaches. We’re looking forward to this weekend’s big NAPC qualifiers here at our gym! Kids/Teens:  We hope to see as many FiM students as possible at this event. This will be a low-stress local comp for the kids. Help your kids develop the confidence to perform and compete! Kids who engage in performances or competitions are likely to become better public speakers and leaders! (Plus, come on its going to be way fun.

Women: NAPC has an adult women’s division. We strongly encourage all of the local female athletes to come out and participate! Lift each other up, ladies. You are strong, you have what it takes! Plus, showing up will empower others to give parkour a try.

Men: Y’all don’t need any more encouragement. Come out and throw down!

Click here to see event times and to sign up!  With love, The Freedom in Motion Team

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