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FiM School Parkour Club Partnership

Supporting our local community and athletes

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Temecula, Murrieta, and Riverside parkour clubs meeting at UCR

The Mission

Freedom in Motion (FiM) would not be here today if it wasn’t for a small high school parkour club paving the way for our original parkour community in Temecula, CA back in 2007. Because of the bond parkour athletes share with one another, FiM wants to show its support to local groups who share this passion for the movement. Our mission is to help incubate small start-up parkour communities into prosperous parkour families.

Club Sponsorship


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Training near Chapparal High School in Temecula

Freedom in Motion wants to help! 

FiM wants to make our facilities and resources available to help fulfill your club’s needs. FiM may be able to provide things like business cards, sign up booths & banners, offer FiM membership discounts to all of your members, and even host group training workshops or competitions in our facilities exclusively for your club. 

Freedom in Motion helps high school students establish their club: Freedom in Motion can provide consultation when negotiating with schools or entities in an effort to help you officially launch your club.

Community Service Hours Completed! In order to graduate your school may require that you complete a certain number of community service hours. You can partner with Temecula Parkour (a local non-profit) to get your hours signed off while having fun and moving your body!

Beginners workshop: Reserve a spot at FiM once a year for a group seminar for you and your club members. Free for all clubs with an attendance of 10 and greater.

Banner rental: Rent a FiM parkour-branded banner for your next sign-up event.

Club pricing on FiM memberships: Group rate pricing for your whole club. Discounts range from 50% – 90% depending on club size. WOW!

  1. 500 custom business cards: Cards include your club logo, contact info and 1 side of artwork of your choice. $15. This helps you grow your club! 

  2. Banner creation: FiM can help create a custom club banner with your artwork and contact info for a sign-up booth at your next event. 

  3. Custom club T-Shirts & Apparel: FiM will help design and produce custom club shirts & Apparel with your logos and color schemes. 

  4. Inter-club competitions and special events: FiM will work with local clubs to help organize competitions, jams, and other special events!

Mutually  beneficial  relationship

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A Murrieta athlete training near Temecula Valley High School

By offering these services to clubs, FiM makes it easier for groups to find new members and build their community. This, in turn, helps bring new athletes into the sport, and thus spreads Freedom in Motion’s positive message.

Supported cities

Any schools within 15 miles of one of our parkour gyms are supported! Check our our parkour gym locations to get specific.

It was always a blast when my club from TVHS would join up with the Parkour clubs from CHS, GOHS, or MVHS. Cant wait for more clubs to start joining the community!   –  2007 TVHS Parkour Club founder

How to enroll

If you have a club of 5 members or more, please follow these steps to begin registering your club with Freedom in Motion.

  1. Email your local branch of Freedom in Motion. List your full name, your organization’s name, entity hostname (School, or campus), the date your organization was founded, the current number of members, and why you want to work with Freedom in Motion.

  2. FiM will contact you and ask how we can help! We will get a game plan together regarding how to grow your club and plan awesome parkour events.

  3. Among your club members, select an ambassador. FiM and the club ambassador will communicate back and forth with the goal to support and grow one another’s parkour organizations!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 6.24.51 PM

Training near the Promenade mall in Temecula 

Don’t have a club yet?

No problem! Email us and let us know that you want to get a club started at your school. We will help get the process started, and help connect you to other students who are also interested in starting a club at your school!

Contact Freedom in Motion NOW! Freedom in Motion Gym Moving freely since 2014 #FreeYourself 

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