Getting Started Guide For New Members

Welcome to Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym. We at FiM love Parkour and stand by the numerous mental and physical benefits learning the sport will bring to our students.

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We’re so happy to see you and your family taking your first steps on your Parkour journey. To help you get started, we have put together this getting started guide. If after reading through this guide you still have any questions please feel free to email us at What you will learn in this guide

  1. How to use our website

  2. How our beginner’s program works (Level 1 sessions)

  3. What comes after the beginner’s program

  4. How to level-up

By the end of the guide, we hope that you will feel prepared to begin participating in sessions ready to connect with the Freedom in Motion community. If at the end of the guide you still have questions, please let us know so we can further assist you and improve this guide for future readers.

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Welcome Guide Video Recap.

A quick overview of what can be found in this written welcome guide. After you watch this video, be sure to keep skimming through this guide for more specific help on topics covered in this video and other topics not mentioned.

Table of contents

Section 1 | How to use our website

1.1 The Homepage

1.2 Create an account & How to use it

1.3 Checking the schedule

1.4 Enrolling in sessions

Section 2 | Registering for the Beginners sessions (Level-1)

2.1 How do the beginner sessions work (level 1) ?

2.2 How to enroll in sessions (+ Charter schools enrolments)

2.3 Make-up sessions

Section 3 | Level-2 Sessions

3.1 What’s new in Level 2

3.2 How to get better at parkour, quickly

Section 4 | Leveling up and Testing

4.1 When are you ready to test? 4.1B Replacement Checklists

4.2 Level-up testing

4.3 Level-2 sessions & Competition

Section 5 | Holds and Cancellations

5.1 Holding a membership

5.2 Notice of cancelation.

Section 6 | FAQ

Let’ jump in.


Section 1 | How to use our website

1.1 The Home Page | Most of the content on our website is right there on the homepage. The homepage is one long page that you can scroll up and down to find the sections that interest you. By using the menu buttons on the top of the site (desktop version) or by double-clicking the menu icon on the top left corner (mobile phone version) you will be presented with some quick links to auto scroll right to areas of interest on the home page.

You can find critical details like pricing, today’s schedule, and how to enroll all right on the home page. If you keep exploring, you will also be rewarded with things like our highly entertaining gym blog, our clothing store, a photo gallery, and much more. Exploration is key!

1.2 Create an account It is necessary to create an account with Freedom in Motion to participate in sessions & events. Parents can create themselves an account and can add children to their profiles. The process of creating an account is easy, and if you make any mistakes, it’s very easy for a FiM representative to go in and correct them, no pressure!

PRO TIP: Parents please begin by first inputting your own info to make your own account. At the bottom of the page, it gives you the option to add a dependent. Your children’s info will go there. We highly recommend that you make a parent account and a child account.

You can >>CLICK HERE<< to jump to the account creation page.

Now that you have an account, let’s learn how to use it! We put together this short video about the usefulness of your new FiM account. Give it a watch to learn how to use all the features available to you within your account. >>Click here to jump to the video!<<

1.3 Checking the schedule Our schedule is easily accessible right from our websites home page.

1.) Click on the “schedule” in the menu at the top of the homepage, and it will auto-scroll you down the page to the schedule area.

2.) The schedule featured on our website shows what sessions we are offering on this very day.

3.) If you would like to see a weekly or monthly schedule just click the button large button that says “schedule” to jump to the master schedule. Want a shortcut? >>CLICK HERE<< to jump right to the master schedule.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.30.26 PM.png

The master schedule is interactive! You may notice that the schedule has some buttons along the top. These buttons allow you to switch between a daily, weekly, and monthly viewing mode. You can even select the exact date you want to see. Also, you can click on the class-blocks on the schedule its self to get more info & to enroll. You can also scroll around within the schedule to see all its offerings. This will be useful if you have a small monitor or screen as it may cut off the sides of the schedule.

1.4 Enrolling in sessions

Click here for a step by step visual guide to see how to enroll into sessions on your phone.

IN a nutshell the process liks like this

  1. Log into your account

  2. view the schedule

  3. Click on your session of choice from the schedule

  4. enroll participant

  5. Confirm payment

  6. Click Finish

  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for each individual

Note: that one must have an account to enroll in any services. Check the welcome email from us to get started on making an account.

Enrolling multiple students? You need to enroll students 1 at a time. Begin by first logging into your account. Click your class and hit enroll then select a child to enroll. Repeat this for the following children.

New student and not sure what class is right for you? If you are new to our gym, your first four sessions will be in one of these sessions below. Go ahead and click right on one of these links to get started.

  1. Little Jumps Class(ages 4-6),

  2. Youth Level-1( Level 1 for ages 7-12)

  3. Adult&Teen Level 1 sessions(Level 1 for ages 13-Adults)

Section 2 | How to enroll in Sessions

2.1 How do the Level-1 beginner sessions work?

Your first beginners class is only $30 without a membership if you wish to try it out. That first $30 can apply towards your membership if you enroll the day of your drop-in class. The level-1 program is a class series designed for zero-experience beginner students. These sessions are held almost every day of the week, you may participate in ANY day of the week that best fits your schedule.

Jump in anytime! The level-1 curriculum is designed to be beginner friendly. New students may jump into any level 1 class at any time on any day. We just ask that you enroll online before you arrive.

On the day of your first class, you will receive a Level-1 Checklist. Use this paper to keep track of your progress through the beginner’s program. At the end of each class collect a signature from your coach to prove your attendance. Once all the skills on the list have been completed, congratulations you will now be ready to attend the Level-2 sessions after you pass a level-up test! Please, turn in your completed checklist the front desk staff and they will update your account and give you a very special Gym wristband for completing the Level-1 program!

2.2 How to enroll in the next few sessions

After your first trial class, you will be ready to embark on the rest of the Level-1 curriculum. If you haven’t yet purchased a membership, now would be a good time to get one so that you can continue to participate in sessions.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships all will cover the Lv. 1 sessions. For more info on purchasing a membership, please >>click here<<.

To enroll in your next sessions, head to the master schedule and click right on the colored boxes that represent the next class you would like to take. Click the enroll button in the pop-up window to complete your enrollment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.35.48 PM

Enter a captionFreedom in Motion is an approved vendor for many local charter schools. Check out the list of schools we work with. Click here to see our complete list of schools and additional instructions for charter school enrolments!

Little Jumps (ages 4-6) click here for class times.

When are the Level-1 sessions held specifically? For youth ages 7-12 your classes take place on these dates.

Tuesday -through- Friday: 4:30pm – 5:25pm & another at 5:30 – 6:25 Saturday & Sunday: 11:15am – 12:10pm

Click here to see all of the Level-1 sessions for youth on our website schedule!

Teens and adults ages 13-16 & 17 – 65+ class times. Click here to see all of the Level-1 sessions for Teens and Adults on our website schedule!