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Temecula & Murrieta Birthday Party Planning Guide

You’re a parent in the Temecula Valley area and you’re looking for an amazing, unique, and affordable way to throw a memorable birthday party for your loved one. There are seemingly hundreds of things to consider when trying to plan a party for your youngster. From birthday party invitations to location choices, the options and opportunities can be a little daunting at first. In the end, when it all comes together, it’s all totally worth the work to see how happy your son or daughter and their friends are during the event.

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In this blog post, you’re going to give you useful tips on how to plan for your family’s birthday party in Temecula/Murrieta. You’ll also get our top recommendations on where in the Temecula Valley you could go to throw your next big event. Let’s jump in!

Party Location and venues

Set and setting are vital to the success of your party. At-home parties or parties at local parks are easy but put the cleanup work is all on you. Many local businesses offer party packages that will lessen your overall workload. Of course, there is usually a booking fee. Below we offer our top 3 party location picks in the valley.

Birthday Party Planning Strategies

You don’t need to plan a 3-ring circus for your child’s party. All it takes to throw a successful party is for the child’s needs and tastes to be kept in mind when planning. Follow these tips, and throw a party that is fun for everyone, even the adults.

Involve Your Child in the Party Planning

Your child should help choose the party’s theme and activities, and can even help design the invitations: Have them draw on paper how they think the design might look. From there scan, print, or email!

Choose a Unifying Theme

Once you’ve chosen a theme, make it resonate through all the aspects of the party. For instance, a Parkour bithday theme could include ninja-themed goody bags, maybe each guest gets a black or red headband. That’s all it takes for a ninja costume nowadays.

Keep It Short and Structured

Two hours is plenty of time for a children’s party. Keep kids busy from arrival to departure; the main event should begin as soon as most of the guests have arrived. Serve food and cake in the final half-hour. The natural ending of a party is signaled when the younger children grow tired or cranky.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities

Toddlers are too young for complicated activities. Stick with familiar games, such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or perhaps plan a treasure hunt. Children over 5 years old need more stimulation: Consider hiring a magician or clown, or plan a trip to a nearby indoor obstacle course or miniature golf course.

Entertain Kids with Simple Projects

Creativity at parties is key. Have kids decorate their own pancakes, for example; or set up a floor is lava course along the ground for kids to find their own path through.

Keep the Food Simple

Obviously, pizza and breadsticks from your locally-owned pizza store is always a safe bet. Nowadays parents also appreciate some healthy options like fruit or veggie plates for their kids as well. When possible, replace sodas with flavored waters to keep the overall sugar levels down. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Top 3 Best Birthday Spots in the Temecula Valley


  1. Fun for all ages, truly. Many places claim to be good for all ages when in reality it’s mostly just fun for kids 12 or younger. At Freedom in Motion, their facility is legitimately fun for young kids AND adults. FiM’s indoor obstacle course has such a variety of obstacles and challenges, it really does make the whole gym all ages appropriate. The fact that they do adult-only parties is a testament to this.

  2. Amazing online reviews At the time of publishing this article, Freedom in motion has over 300+ 5 star reviews across yelp, facebook, and trip advisor. Many of them talk about birthday parties, raving about their experience of the gym and with the coaches.

  3. You can request specific coaches & other special requests They can take care of food (additional fee) or you may bring in any food you like without paying anything extra. Additionally, if you have a coach you want to request, they often will make arrangements if that coach is available.

Diversity 2.jpg


  1. The gym gets a bit warm over the summer.

  2. Freedom in Motion is a very popular party venue for obvious reasons, so if you don't book in advance you may not get a spot.

No.2 Ronald Reagan Sports Park (Temecula)

Ronald Reagan Sports Park in Temecula is one of the better parks in the valley to host your party. You can reserve a shade shelter online through the city's website beforehand to secure seating for us to 40 guests. The park offers 2 huge playgrounds, a wooded play area (great for capture the flag), plenty of grass, a skate park, and the CRC on the other end of the park has a huge pool with a water slide.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 7.10.49 PM.png

One of the two main play structures at Ronald Reagan. 


  1. Very affordable lots of open space makes plenty of room for your party regardless of who else is at the park on that day

  2. Utilities nearby Trash cans, restrooms, and drinking fountains very close to the shade shelter.


  1. Subject to the weather

  2. Planning food, games, and cleanup is still necessary

  3. Multiple parking lots make finding your exact location a bit confusing.

No. 3 Mulligans Family Fun Center

Mulligans is one of Murrieta’s longest running fun centers. The indoor/outdoor miniature theme park comes complete with go-karts, laser tag, and a 4-panel climbing wall. After setting your kids free to play, you can set up a home base in their food court for everyone to return to once they have had their fill of games and rides.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 7.12.12 PM.png


  1. Tons of activities to suit each personality type

  2. Food available for purchase on site

  3. Variety of party packages are available


  1. Mulligans tends to be on the busy side, so make sure you keep a good eye on your kids if they are young.

  2. While their basic party packages are affordable, the packages that include go-karts and laser tag are much more expensive.

Happy planning!

We hope that you now have a few good ideas on how to plan your family’s next birthday party! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments down in the comment section below. We would love to hear how your next party goes!

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