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Why FiM Eliminated the 30-Day Cancellation Requirement.

Starting September 17th, 2021, Freedom in Motion members no longer need to give a 30-day notice to end their membership. Now, moving forward for all active members and future members, only need a 7-day notice is needed.

Why did we make this change?

In short, we want our members to choose us each week because they are loving their experience and feel a sense of personal growth and enjoyment every time they visit.

We want families to stay with us here at Freedom in Motion Parkour gym because everyone who comes into the gym is having an amazing experience. Each day our coaches work to inspire our students to lead healthier more creative lives. Coaches also strive to be positive role models and mentors for our students & community members. In turn, we hope to foster an environment that feels welcoming, motivating, positive, absurdly fun, and one of a growth mindset.

If a member is feeling like it’s time to move on, we’re committed to helping them move on in a way that is fast, convenient, and leaves them with only positive memories of their time at FiM.

Here is our new cancellation process.

When you’re feeling ready to end your plan, all you need to do is complete this quick 2-min survey. you can complete it on your own from any device at any time. You can always find this link on the “HELP” section of our site. Of course, we’re always happy to email you this link as well. You can find a lot of helpful stuff in the “Help” section, actually. Just search “cancel” and the how-too article with all the info you need pops right up. After that, your membership will end the week after you submit the form. Clean.

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