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365 Days of Parkour Challenge

As we stand on the cusp of a brand-new year, the canvas of possibilities unfurls before us. It's an opportune moment to amplify our commitment to health, fortify our dedication to fitness, and delve deeper into the captivating realm of parkour.

At Freedom in Motion, we're kindling the fire of ambition with an invigorating challenge: the Parkour 365 Challenge.

Picture this: a year-long odyssey where every day becomes a canvas for sculpting your skills, fortifying your spirit, and fueling an unrelenting passion for movement. It's a commitment that goes beyond physical prowess; it's a testament to resilience, discipline, and unwavering determination.

But we understand that the 365 Challenge might seem like a monumental leap for some. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a smaller 30-day challenge, commencing on January 8th, 2024. This is your ticket to a thrilling month-long parkour journey, a stepping stone toward personal triumph.

The 30-Day Challenge:

Starting January 8th, 2024, immerse yourself in 30 consecutive days of parkour training. The rules are straightforward: Do some sort of parkour training for 30 days straight. The minimum threshold for training is 5 minutes of stretching, mobility, or strength training, however, try and make each day a robust day of skill and strength building!

Conquering this 30-day feat isn't just a personal milestone; it's an opportunity to shine. Athletes who complete this challenge and validate their efforts with our coaches at Freedom in Motion stand a chance to be featured in an exclusive YouTube video.

To take part, share your daily training clips on social media, tagging us @Freedom_in_motion. Not a fan of social media? Maintain a training journal and reveal your dedication at the challenge's conclusion—we trust your commitment, and honor system style. This can be a great option for younger athletes too! Everyone who can show their 30 days of training will be invited to a day of filming for an exclusive parkour video featuring you, our most dedicated athletes! We will film this video sometime in late Feb after the completion of the 30-day challenge which begins on Jan 8th. Let your favorite coaches know that you're participating!

The 365 Days of Parkour Challenge:

The 365 Parkour Challenge was invented by Jimmy Davidson back in 2011, the Parkour 365 Challenge has ignited a global movement. It's a testament to unwavering commitment, pushing boundaries, and sculpting oneself through relentless perseverance.

RULES: The rules are simple. Every day, dedicate at least 5 minutes to parkour-related activities. Whether you're stretching, strengthening, or refining mobility, each minute counts toward the 365-day journey. Life’s hurdles? No problem—just ensure you meet the minimum requirement. The minimum can also be used for needed "rest and recovery days" following particularly tough days of training.

The minimum is there for days you're sick or otherwise seriously unable to find the time or space to train. Most days, however, should feel more skill and/or strength-building than just a 5-minute workout.

Documentation and proof: Document your evolution through monthly training videos. These snapshots will not only chart your progress but also stand as a testament to your unwavering dedication. Whether it be via public posting on forums, social media, or in a journal, you should have some method of keeping track of your training for the completion of this 365 challenge.

Locations: Training indoors or outdoors all counts.

At Freedom in Motion, we're eagerly awaiting your growth and dedication. Whether it's sprinting through the 30-day challenge or embarking on the marathon of the 365 Challenge, each step signifies your commitment to self-improvement and the electrifying world of parkour.

Embrace the challenge and let your movements tell a tale of perseverance, passion, and limitless potential.

Are you ready to seize the opportunity?

In closing, we extend an invitation: embark on the 30-day challenge and enter our video contest. Additionally, for those feeling up for it, consider taking on the full 365 challenge. Regardless of your choice, let your journey be a testament to your dedication and passion for parkour.

Jimmy's Final video after all 365 days of training. (2011)

Full original Parkour 360 video playlist

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