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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Really Should Learn Parkour In The New Year.

The Sport of Parkour has been increasing in popularity amongst kids. With parkour's increasing appearances in video games, TV shows, and popular culture, kids are beginning to leave their gaming controllers behind and are heading outside or to the nearest parkour gym to emulate the ninja-like movements of their favorite video game characters.

Learn parkour at Freedom in Motion Parkour gyms.
Child learning parkour at Freedom in Motion Gym.

Parents, this is your chance to capitalize on your child's interest in learning this new skill. Don't wait, now is your chance to help them begin their parkour journey this year. Let's jump into the top 5 reasons why learning parkour this year will be a major win for you and your family.

1. Better Grades in School

Research has proven that kids exposed to fun physical activities, like parkour, increase their overall ability to focus and achieve more in school. Learning parkour, in particular, also increases accurate decision-making and self-confidence. Vital for academic success.

2. Increased Motivation

When kids feel that they have found “their sport” the experience increases their overall motivation to achieve. Especially when access to their new favorite sport, parkour, is tied to their continued success in school kids unlock their ability to achieve above and beyond past standards.

3. Better social skills

Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym’s parkour curriculum is packed with social games and teamwork. While parkour is a solo sport, athletes are taught to cheer on one another so the whole group reaches their full potential. Positive reinforcement in the gym translates to lifelong improvements in kids' social skills.

4. Builds a love for fitness