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Parkour and Kids on the Spectrum. What are the Benefits?

Parkour is something your kids are probably doing right now, and you may not know it. If your kids are navigating through or around obstacles, they are participating in the art of parkour.

Here are just a few of the benefits of parkour for everyone, but specifically those on the spectrum:

· Balance and coordination: The act of moving through an obstacle course, kids learn how to move efficiently in a fun, safe way!

· Strength: Running, jumping, and climbing all strengthen a child’s body and help them gain spatial awareness.

· Self-confidence: Creative thinking, problem-solving, and tackling goals allow kids of all skill levels to WIN! They figure it out, they accomplished the goal, and THEY did it!

There are AMAZING health benefits from doing parkour as well! In case you don’t live close to one of our parkour gyms, we have an extensive tutorial video library and lots of blog posts that can help too.

Recently, we received this email from a new member’s mom that touched our hearts as she thanked our amazing coaches for their patience with her newly diagnosed child with autism.

"I am hoping that this email reaches the owner. I just wanted to email about how much I absolutely love Freedom in Motion for my son, Brody. He has been going for about 3 months and just now advanced to Level 2. I’m guessing that most children level up more quickly. However, your coaches never made Brody feel bad that it was taking him longer than other children. The coaches pushed Brody mentally and physically when they knew he was capable of being pushed and supported him the whole time. Brody was diagnosed about a year ago with autism, and parkour and your gym is the perfect place for him. He loves going, once he’s there. Thank you for having an amazing company and the best coaches. - K."

Testimonials like these mean the world to us, thank you for your kind words - K!

Starting something that the entire family can participate in can be motivating for all and parkour is one of those activities that IS for everyone (moms and dads too). Keeping everyone engaged is an art all its own and what we have found is that people that are having fun stick with an activity and want others to join in as well.

We, here at Freedom in Motion, play with purpose, respecting all people’s skills and abilities and growing together to be stronger, more confident, and happy humans!

We'd love to have our customer support team answer your questions. Email: Phone: (951) 304-9423

Parkour children on the spectrum

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