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A Parkour Gym Green Screen Studio in Murrieta, CA.

Imagine you’re a producer for a major Hollywood production and your vision includes your main character performing death-defying feats high over a city skyline. Until now, there were only 2 real options. The first, permit use for the actual rooftops of a few buildings and film the roof-stunts in real life, or, rent an empty studio and build your own rooftop scene indoors. The former is super dangerous, the ladder quite expensive.

$100,000 camera & rig, anyone?

What if we told you there is actually a 3rd option. Something both safe and cost-effective. Sound too good to be true, Mrs. Hollywood producer?

Freedom in motion Parkour gym turned into a green screen studio.

Freedom in Motion is a Parkour gym located in Murrieta, CA. The gym is essentially an indoor obstacle course designed to teach people how to unleash their inner Monkey. Already equipped with platforms, railings, and rearrangeable obstacles, Freedom in Motion makes for an ideal green screen studio!

Most recently, F.i.M. was transformed into the Las Angeles skyline via green screens for music artist Rachel Lauren’s next album (dropping April 2018) @Rachellorinofficial

The production crew hired Freedom in Motion staff to transform the gym into a green screen set that perfectly suited the video’s needs. The Production firm, HL Filmworks, also hired Freedom in Motion CEO, Jimmy Davidson @jimmydavidsonpk, to choreograph the stunts while FiM coach Tyler Trueblood @tyler_trueblood_ to was hired to instruct the music artist (who did all her own stunts) on the parkour fundamentals in preparation for the shoot.

Most of the shots were filmed using our movable obstacles since we can scoot them into place with ease to simulate most jumps and leps that will be CGI’d into existence in the video’s final form.

One scene in the music video where the singer will be shown jumping off the top of a building was filmed up in the main structures of the gym. For this shot, we suited up the foam pit in green screen to simulate a plunge into nothingness, made safe with a cushioned foam landing.

Well be sure to link the final music video here in this post once it goes live!

If you’re interested in booking Freedom in Motion for your next video production please email us at to get started!

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