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Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym Featured on Flightless Bird Podcast

We are thrilled to announce that Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym was recently featured on a compelling episode of the popular podcast, "Flightless Bird," hosted by David Farrier.

In an episode that explores the intriguing town of Loma Linda, California—a renowned blue zone known for its exceptional life expectancy—David Farrier uncovers how our community embraces health and longevity.

The segment featuring Loma Linda and Freedom in Motion Parkour gym begins at the 38-minute mark.

See the Parkour gym in Loma Linda For Yourself

Parkour gym in Loma Linda California Freedom in Motion

Loma Linda's Secret to Longevity

Did you know Loma Linda is a "Blue Zone"? This is a term used to describe regions around the world where people have a much higher than average chance of living longer, healthier lives. These areas were identified through demographic research and environmental factors that contribute to longevity. The concept was popularized by National Geographic Fellow and author Dan Buettner, who pinpointed five regions around the world as Blue Zones.

Loma Linda, California, is one of these unique Blue Zones. It's recognized for its significant population of Seventh-day Adventists, who are known for their healthy lifestyle choices.

The community practices include a predominantly plant-based diet, regular physical activity, strong social networks, and a focus on spirituality. These practices contribute to residents having one of the highest life expectancies in the United States, living up to ten years longer than the average American.

In the context of your gym, Loma Linda's status as a Blue Zone highlights how local lifestyles, including engaging in activities like parkour, support long-term health and well-being.

Parkour: A Pathway to Movement Freedom

During his visit, David Farrier spoke with Steven Rimmerman, our General Manager and a seasoned parkour athlete. Steven shared his insights on how parkour, under the guidance of knowledgeable coaches, isn’t just a sport but a transformative lifestyle that is accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly.

Parkour gym in Loma Linda California Freedom in Motion

Tune Into the Insightful Discussion

We invite all our readers, friends, and community members to listen to this fascinating discussion on "Flightless Bird." The segment focusing on Loma Linda’s unique lifestyle, including our feature, starts at the 38-minute mark. Skip to the mentioned time to dive straight into the heart of Loma Linda’s story and learn how Freedom in Motion is contributing to a healthier, happier community.

Join Us in the Movement

Inspired by what you heard? Whether you’re a longtime parkour enthusiast or someone curious about starting your fitness journey, Freedom in Motion welcomes you.

At Freedom in Motion, we're more than just a gym; we’re a community dedicated to the art of movement and the promise of a healthier, more vibrant life. Come, be a part of our story and discover the joy of movement in your own life.

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