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Freedom In Motion’s Competitive Parkour Team Wins Big at Season Finals

June marked the end of the 2022 west coach parkour championships finals, held in Moreno Valley. Freedom in Motion wraps up the season with arms full of trophies and necks heavy with top-placing medals. Congratulations to the whole Freedom in Motion Parkour team for completing the season so powerfully! Let's take a look at how the season finals went.

Freedom in Motion’s Youth Parkour Teams from both Murrieta and Loma Linda on the podium at finals.

FiM Earns 1st Place in Men’s 18+ Overall Team Category!

Freedom in Motion’s adult men’s team beat out all other M18+ teams from all competing gyms across the league. With huge points at nearly every event collected by FiM athletes like Seth Jung, Desmond Taylor, Hayden Mullinax, Maayan Olshan and others. Freedom in Motion took the gold for the men’s adult team with the most accumulative league points.

Each time an athlete earns a top 10 placement at an event they earn an increasing number of points for themselves as an athlete as well as for their team. Freedom in Motion’s M18+ athletes consistently won or took top placements at competitions up and down the west coast during the 2022 season. Congrats to the teams from Sessions Parkour Gym on second place and Firestorm Freerunning for 3rd place!

Freedom in Motion Men’s 18+ Team wins 1st place in the category for the whole 2022 season

FiM Earns 2nd Place in Women’s 18+ Overall Team Category!

Coach Amy from Freedom in Motion Loma Linda and Nena from Freedom in Motion Murrieta both did an awesome job this season, earning enough points to land a silver metal finish at finals for the whole women’s category. Coach Amy could often be seen with multiple medals around her next at the end of a competition, way to go!

Coach Amy also took 2nd place in overall most skilled female athlete after earning a huge number of league points over the entire 2022 season. Congrats coach Amy!

FiM Earns 3rd place in Kids Over All Team Category

Freedom in Motion’s kids ages 7-12 finished the season coming in at 3rd place, beating out 24 other teams for the placement! Kids on the FiM competition team have two weekly competition team practices in addition to their usual weekly sessions. During the team practices coaches work with the students in small groups, smaller than our usual class sizes, on specific strength and skill components needed to get them to their personal next level. Our coaches saw massive improvements in each team members skill and mental fortitude over the season, we are so immensely proud of all of our Freedom in Motion competition team athletes! Congrats to Scottsdale Parkour on your first place finish! (we’re coming for you) Check out some snapshots form the season below!

Congrats to Kyle For Taking 1st Place!

Freedom in Motion competition team member Kyle took 1st place as an individual athlete in the kids category across the entire season! This means when you tally up all the points Kyle won across each event in the season, he came out on top with the most top-level placements! This is an epic achievement and we are so proud of you Kyle!!

Go Kyle!!!

Looking forward to the 2023 competition season!

Competitions are a great way to get motivated to improve you skills and keep your body and mind in peak condition. Kids who join our competitive parkour team are paired with a coach and enter into a small cohort of similarly skilled athletes. Together under the guidance of their coach these kids greatly improve their skills, take on their weaknesses, and form lasting friendships with each other through the course of the season. Competition team is open to all Freedom in Motion athletes who reach level-3 in our parkour program. We highly recommend that each student in our program join the team when they reach level-3, its a ton of fun!

If you’re a Freedom in Motion member and are interested in learning more, ask your coach! FiM typically opens enrollment for the competition team in the fall and the competitive season begins the following January and lasts through June of that same year.

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