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Freedom in Motion's Mission & North Star

Freedom in Motion is more than a parkour gym. In fact, being a world-leading gym specializing specifically in parkour is just 1/4th of our overall mission. The team here at FiM is constantly heading towards our North Star Values. These are the values that are ever-present on our horizon and are the ideals we work to achieve each day we all roll up our sleeves and work on creating Freedom in motion as the parkour powerhouse & feel-good welcoming community. These are our North Star Values.

Teach Parkour to 1 million people.

Transferring our love of parkour and all the joys it brings to 1 million people. That’s a huge number of people! We know that to achieve this goal, we need to think big and shoot for the stars. To bring parkour to so many people we’re going to need to focus on the following things.

  • Build amazing parkour gyms filled with passionate and knowledgeable coaches to teach folks parkour one jump at a time. Each gym offers a safe and well-designed environment for our team to teach parkour in small groups with a personal touch. This is where our coaches and curriculum truly shine. We aim to make FiM Gyms an international brand.

  • Work with local government to design and build parkour parks so that the public has a way to learn and practice parkour, for free.

  • Offer online parkour videos and curated digital parkour content to expand our reach to anyone around the globe who is inspired by our message and the endless creativity that parkour offers.

FiM’s epic Parkour gyms are designed to teach parkour in a safe, fun, & effective environment.


Learning parkour is great, but having access to a community of like-minded coaches, mentors, & peers, all ready to support one another is where much of the joy of learning to move freely can be found. We at FiM know that for many kids and teens our gyms are a critical safe space where they are free to blossom into higher self-esteem and a confident version of themselves. Our team works to create Freedom in Motion as the “3rd Place” every day for our gym members. The 3rd Place refers to the vital place other than the Home (1st place) and work/school (2nd place) where people go to improve themselves, socialize, and feel like part of a tribe. Freedom in Motion IS the 3rd place for so many families already.

Our team knows that motivation is key to life-long positive change. Members will experience praise and goal setting in the presence of our team. We won’t be shy in acknowledging accomplishments and acts of growth done by those in our community. Feeling acknowledged and working towards a goal is paramount to a sense of motivation.

Honestly, to fully feel this aspect of our mission, you have to come to the gym and get involved with our online and in-person community!

Our coaches & staff work to create the loving welcoming community found only at FiM, each and every day


Running a sustainable business is a core value for our company founders. This means leaving a positive impact on the cities and states we do business in. Specifically, we want to achieve these things as we continue to grow.

  • Plant Trees | Building our gyms use a lot of wood. Freedom in Motion makes a monthly donation to the National Forest Foundation to offset the amount of wood our gyms use.

  • Own our own buildings | We want to purchase the buildings our gyms occupy, this will allow us a greater degree of control over how much renewable energy we can deploy to power our gyms.

  • Renewable Energy | We want to install solar and wind components to generate enough energy to run our gyms.

  • Sustainable Business Practices | We will be sensitive to the vendors we work with and other companies we support, vetting them to make sure they are also good-for-everyone businesses. We aim to be a carbon-negative business!

FiM makes a monthly donation to offset the wood we use to build our gyms. Read more about Freedom in Motion's commitment to the environment and our latest updates here.


Freedom in Motion is committed to the coaches, receptionists, and the whole lot of folks that come together to keep FiM’s doors open and facilitate our all-important “3rd place” parkour experience. As such, FiM is committed to being more than just a job for our team. We aim to make their experience of working here at FiM one centered around personal growth and prosperity. Specifically, here is what we want to do for our people.

  • Offer living wage pay for those making a carrier of joining our team.

  • Offer investment options like a 401K with a company match to help our team grow their personal wealth.

  • Offer personal growth experiences to all team members to create more present, loving, and powerful individuals.

  • Provide ongoing education to create an environment of growth, accountability, and leadership.

Sound pretty awesome? Join our team and see what it’s like to work with one of the fastest-growing parkour companies on the planet!

Freedom in motion aims to be an incredible place to work. Personal growth is key.

Get Started

Feeling ready to try out a session with us and see what our parkour gyms, community, and curriculum are all about?

Start your journey on our website. Click the “Try a Class” below then pick your location and enter your name. Our team will reach out to you directly to let you know some beginner session times that will fit your schedule.

Join Our Team

Want to learn more about working with us here at Freedom in Motion? We’re always keeping our eyes open for passionate people who can add their spark to our community. We’re often looking for people open to us training them how to be a coach or perhaps join our sales team, our member success team, or other positions!

Parkour Coaching Certification

Become an epic coach and learn what makes Freedom in Motion a leading parkour gym. Click here to learn more about our parkour coaching certification.

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