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Freedom in Motion Secures Spots in the Finals at Sessions

Earlier this month, four Freedom in Motion parkour Athletes made their way to San Jose, California for the final qualifiers for the West Coast Parkour Championships.

FiM Coach Lucas Harralson wins 2nd in San Jose

The competition was hosted by Session Academy of Movement on May 11th.

Here’s what our athletes had to say:

“I was already pretty stoked to go to sessions to compete, and train with the athletes there, but I had way more of great time than I expected. Honestly Angel, Desheay, and all of the staff at sessions did an amazing job running the comp. Hosting us for the weekend, and showing us what the Bay Area community was all about. Much love to everyone at sessions, and a big thanks to the WCPKC.” Desmond Taylor (6th Place in Freestyle):
“The WCPKC competition at session was one of the best competition experiences I’ve ever had. I placed 2nd in freestyle, which was way over achieving my goal so I was very excited about that. I also had a super great time with all of the sessions athletes and coaches. Not only did they run a well organized, well put together competition, they also were very welcoming and generous enough to let them stay at their gym. I’ll definitely be going back to sessions, and I will definitely be competing in WCPKC next year. Awesome comp!” Trevor Kunkle (Second Place in Freestyle)
“My experience at the Sessions competition was a memorable one for sure. On one hand I had one of the greatest travel experiences since I got to see so many friends and make even more new ones, while on the other, I had a rather poor competition experience. I learned a valuable lesson about over training before competing and consequently from doing so (on the trip) I performed poorly and was disappointed in the scores that I rightfully earned. What I got from this trip was a lot of wonderful memories, new friend, and an important lesson for my future as an athlete. Thank you so much Freedom In Motion for sending me out to San José to compete and I can’t wait for the finals!” Tyler Trueblood:
“Sessions is one of my favorite gyms. The community and the environment makes you feel right at home. I was surprised to tie up with Desmond, although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that I didn’t have to do a tie breaker with him. He is a very strong athlete! I was even more surprised to get second in skills! I jammed my finger slightly on one of the challenges, but I was still able to push through the rest of the comp! Now I’m qualified for Freestyle, Skills and Speed! I’m super pumped for the finals!” Lucas Harralson (2nd Place in Skills, 6th Place Tie to Desmond)

Are you interested in Parkour Competition but don’t know where to start?

Freedom in Motion offers sessions like Flow, Obstacle Courses, Tumbling and Acrobatics. Also FiM hosts events such as challenge night, where athletes can come and test their skills and become a part of a competition team.

For more information on these events go check out

Free Yourself

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