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Impact Moments

Coaches Are Mentors

Freedom in Motion is far more than just a parkour gym. We know that for our students we are a vital source of inspiration, mentorship, and leadership. Through parkour, we help them break their own limiting beliefs and replace them with a powerful mindset to better take on life’s challenges. There are a number of moments during a student’s parkour journey that can offer a profound lasting impact. We want our coaches to know how to watch out for when these moments are happening so that they can foster them and make them more applicable and impactful. Coaches must keep an eye out for the below “impact moments” as they happen for their students. When we see them unfolding in a single moment or over the course of a number of sessions, coaches have the ability to say the right things at the right times, give praise when it matters most, or even give some tough love when it will provide a highly valuable nudge in the right direction.

Impact Moments

Keep your eye out during a student's journey for any of these impact moments. As they occur, a powerful and impactful coach will beagle to contribute to these moments to make their life lesson take root more quickly, resulting in meaningful growth for said student.

Failure is Necessary for Success

What are some examples of this happening in a session What are things a coach can say to foster a positive mindset

When can a coach give praise, advice, or reflection to solidify this situation & how is this mentorship provided by the coach best delivered?

The lesson: Failure and repeated failure is an expected element of success. The road to achieving any worthwhile task is paved with failure. Think of Thomas Edison who had 10,000 failed experiments before he was finally able to create the world's first light bulb. If one can find comfort in failure and to not ever take it personally and give up because of it, then one will be able to persevere and eventually discover success in whatever form it may take.

When found in parkour: Learning parkour is difficult. Athletes at literally every level of skill need to grapple with repeat failure inorder to eventually learn a new skill. Oftentimes an athlete may not learn a new skill as quickly as other athletes or as quickly as they assumed they would. However, staying focused and continuing to practice the movement and its respective progressions will eventually result in success and even mastery.

Coaches As Mentors: When a student is struggling to learn a movement in your session they may become discouraged. This is a great moment to teach them about a time when you, the coach, struggled learning a move and how you overcame that struggle by keeping up the effort and not giving up. When the student eventually makes progress you can shower them with praise and reflect back to them how their consistent efforts are starting to pay off. Over time they will learn this life lesson as a universal truth.

Obstacles are meant to be overcome

The Lesson: Life is full of obstacles. These take the form of literal physical parkour obstacles & challenges, sure, but it more often takes the form of tricky life problems. No matter the problem, there is always a way to figure out what the problem is and how to overcome it. This one might come in a few flavors. Everything is figureoutable. Every problem has a solution. There is a way out of every maze. You can, if you believe you can.

When found in Parkour: Parkour is all about taking your current level of movement skill and finding challenges that take you out of your comfort zone and demand growth to overcome them. A tricky vault one day may seem near impossible for a new student, but after some time of practice, the obstacle is figured out and the athlete can easily overcome the challenge.