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Location change and Renovation Announcement for Murrieta FiM

Big news for our Freedom in Motion community!

Our Murrieta location, our original and oldest gym, is moving locations just two blocks north and is receiving a total gym redesign!

Why is this happening?

There are three main reasons why we are moving from our current location.

  1. Our current landlord disallowed us to insulate the ceilings and install AC. With the summer becoming hotter, this is an urgent need. The new building we found already has insulated ceilings and air conditioning units that connect to the main warehouse!

  2. Loss of trust at the current location: Unfortunately, the property owners of our current location have been slow to respond to evolving city code, causing local officials alarm and placing us in a precarious position in our existing space.

  3. Our lease is up in a few months, and the above two items are ... red flags for a renewal.

Seizing the opportunity

We built the current Murrieta gym in 2016, and since then we have learned a ton about improving gym design and creating an environment that's effective at teaching parkour while also being tons of fun for all age groups and skill levels.

We're taking this opportunity to bring the design of the Murrieta location up to the quality found in both our Loma Linda, CA, and Riverside, CA parkour gym locations. This will be a massive improvement for everyone who visits our Murrieta parkour gym!

Fundraiser for this new gym redesign

We're hosting a fundraiser to raise the funding needed to build an epic parkour gym! We put together a fundraising package that provides you MORE in value than the asked-for contribution price. Everyone who supports this campaign will earn some great perks from Freedom in Motion.

Brand Partners Rewards: Funders of our campaign will also receive a ton of epic bonuses and coupons from our brand sponsors such as Parkour clothing from HopsCo and Sqvadron, Parkour shoe deals from Feiyue and Ollo, training gear from American Parkour, and more! Free tours of the gym before we open will be provided to everyone who claims a spot on the fundraiser page as well! Please take a moment to review our fundraiser. We took a lot of care to craft a package that is highly valuable for you, our supporters. Please consider funding this campaign today!

What's the new location? When does it open?

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