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New Parkour video from Freedom in motion Co-Founder Jimmy Davidson

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It’s been 3 months since we have seen a full-length parkour video from Jimmy. If you don’t already know, Jimmy has been heading Freedom in Motion’s online operations and email customer service support from where ever he happens to be in the world from his trusty lap-top. Why is he traveling so much, you ask? We’ll save a full explanation for a future blog post, but in short, the main reasons would be

  1. Jimmy has a 2-year-old daughter (as seen in some of his previous videos.)

  2. Jimmy’s wife Alice is working on her Ph.D. at the University of Washington in Public Health & Genetics  (which is why he moved to Seattle for those original gen FiM members who remember when Jim was a coach almost every day of the week.)

  3. Alice is working with the Norwegian Research Council at the University of Oslo, Norway through August 2017, explaining why Jim is now on an entirely different continent.

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This video features locations from Oslo, Scotland, Riverside CA, and Temecula. Better start microwaving that popcorn before you reach the end of this post. This video’s music and content is all kid friendly so if you have little ones around, bring them in and hit that play button. We hope you enjoy the video. If you dig it, feel free to share it on Facebook (or whatever you use… I see you diehard MySpace users.)

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Hey… this is our first blog post!

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