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Six Ways to Fight Obesity, Stay Healthy and Embrace a Positive Self-Image

Six Ways to Fight Obesity, Stay Healthy and Embrace a Positive Self-Image

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Weightloss goals. Image courtesy of Pixabay

Are you overthinking weight loss?  Many people struggle with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, but you might be making it harder than necessary.  Tweaking your overall lifestyle with simple, wellness-focused actions can make reaching your goals easier than you ever dreamed possible.

1. Self-care: strategies and sleep

Are you choosing good self-care?  Many people are confused about self-care, thinking it involves choices that could get in the way of reaching health goals.  Appropriate self-care should involve daily actions, which promote your wellness and overall health goals such as eating nutritious meals, regularly exercising, and sufficient sleep.  If your lifestyle choices are centered around unhealthy selections such as staying up to watch late-night TV while snacking on chips, you need to rethink your strategies.  For instance, many people underestimate the value of sleep when it comes to losing weight.  Your body needs rest to recharge and to function the way it’s designed to function, and when you don’t get enough sleep you crave food more and store fat in an unhealthy manner. We have a whole article on self-care basics. Check it out, here! 

2. Refocus your meals

Every meal should include healthy sources of protein, low-carb vegetables, and a source of healthy fat.  Proteins can be foods such as chicken, fish, eggs. beans, peas, nuts, and seeds. Low-carb vegetables are choices such as spinach, broccoli, and kale.  Choose fats sources such as olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil. Eating a variety of healthy foods will keep you on track and help you avoid boredom in your diet.  Try exploring new recipes and ingredients to keep your meals interesting and help you look forward to eating well. Too busy to shop and cook? Avoid hitting the drive-through by participating in a health-savvy, convenience-oriented option such as preparing meals in advance of your work week, or taking advantage of a food delivery service, which brings healthful selections straight to your door.

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A vegan mean with fit for an athlete, complete with the necessary fats and proteins. Photo provided by

3. Cut the carbs

Many people believe you need to feel hungry and miserable to lose weight.  However, you can feel satisfied with a well-planned, nutritious diet, dumping the unhealthy choices and replacing them with healthy foods.  As Healthline explains, you can reduce your cravings by cutting back on the sugars and starches in your diet.  Lowering carbohydrate intake helps your body switch from using those sugars and starches for energy to burning fat.  You won’t feel as hungry since your body will alter where it’s drawing the energy naturally.

4. Start working out 

If you’re new to exercise or are currently leading a pretty sedentary life, start an exercise plan with something short and easy.  Real Simple suggests a 10-minute portion of an exercise video for your initial workout.  Try putting yourself in a fun athletic environment, like signing up for parkour lessons or swimming classes. Avoid overdoing it, since fitness isn’t an all or nothing thing.  Your actions should be aimed toward feeling better and being healthier. 

5. Enjoy activities

Being more active or engaging in a new hobby can be challenging, but it’s a key to a well-rounded life.  Take up gardening, gourmet cooking or reading. The trick is to find something you really enjoy and can look forward to doing.  For instance, one idea is to think about an activity or sport you enjoyed as a child.  Was it baseball? Riding your bike?  climbing on rocks and trees? While you might not be up to all the moves you managed as a kid, chances are you can find a way to replicate it now, whether it’s trips to the batting cage, a spinning class or outdoor parkour with friends

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A group of Parkour athletes from the Temecula CA area playing follow the leader, for fun.

6. Address illnesses

Sometimes our mental or physical health is a contributing factor to obesity.  Clinical Advisor points out certain mental health issues such as depression or anxiety are often linked with obesity, and sometimes people with poor self-images are more apt to suffer from obesity.  By addressing underlying concerns, you can, in turn, better manage your weight. If you have questions about a potential mental or physical issue causing obesity, you should discuss your situation with your physician.

Don’t overthink reaching your weight-loss goals.  Put self-care first, find foods and exercises you enjoy, and address any underlying health issues.  You can be happy and healthy, and you’re worth it!       #FreeYourself 

Are you currently on the path to a healthier lifestyle and self-image? Are you struggling to get started or stay committed?  Tell us your story in the comments below!

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