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Why You Should Keep Your Parkour Gym Membership, If You Can.

Your beloved parkour gym is probably closed due to the COVID-19 crisis. So you may be tempted to place a hold on or cancel your membership. But if you want your parkour gym to still be in business when all this is behind us consider keeping your plan active, if you can afford it. Here is why…

Parkour coaches at Freedom in Motion gym, CA

Your membership fees support your local parkour gym which is a small business. These fees are used for rent payments, coaches payroll, and other costs that don’t just turn off simply due to the gym closure. Currently, there are no parkour gyms that are bigger than the small business status, like what a big gym like LA fitness may be. With government support slow to roll out, employees are being laid off now. Plus many landlords reportedly are not allowing deferred rent payments or other financial support. Gym owners are under a lot of stress trying to navigate this disaster. Many gym owners are terrified that they won’t be able to reopen if a lot of people cancel.

Around the country, parkour gyms are putting workout videos and live training sessions online as a way of keeping members active. This provides their members with authentic value while being able to give their employees some paid hours to keep their heads above water. As everything is going online these days, you may find your favorite trainers and coaches are able to keep coaching you remotely, and may be able to adapt their training plans to the equipment (if any) you have at home. Check your gym’s social media to see what they’re offering. If you’re unsure try sending an email directly. Calling may not be available, since no one is in the gym to take your call.

A live video training created for the members of Freedom in Motion gym.

Whether to place your membership on hold or even cancel is still a personal decision. If your own cash flow has been cut, do what you need to, we understand. But if you’re still collecting a steady paycheck or have a good savings account, do what you can to support the businesses you’d like to see reopen when all this is over.

If you’re not comfortable keeping an active membership, consider purchasing a gift card with your parkour gym. This way you can utilize that value when they reopen while providing them some cashflow now while things are tough.

Kids jumping through the obstacle course

Reach out to your parkour gym today and offer your support. I can’t express to you how much they will appreciate it.

Good luck, and train safe. #FreeYourself By: Jimmy Davidson Founder of Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym

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