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Parkour Pro Team Performs Live in Vegas & Italy

Freedom in Motion's pro parkour athletes has a rich history of live performances. Our athletes have performed all around the United States as well as internationally. FiM Athletes have worked with major companies like Gillette, Adidas, and L’Oreal. We have experience with live on-stage choreographed performances, stunt acting, green screen set design, game shows, televised competition, and so on.

Video from the Vegas 2015 Sophos event

In 2015 Freedom in Motion was booked to perform live for Sophos, an internet securities company for their annual international sales gathering. We performed live with world-famous freestyle BMX athlete, Tim Knoll.

Pro Freestyle BMX athlete, Tim Knoll

We performed this show once in Vegas and again 2 weeks later in Rome, Italy, also for Sophos.

If you’re hunting for a professional team of parkour and acrobatic athletes then we highly recommend that you reach out to us at Freedom in Motion and let us know what you’re looking for. Contact the team owner, Jimmy Davidson, via email at

FiM Pro Team member Jimmy Davidson’s 2018 reel

Later in Italy

The FiM crew made a Vlog of their time in Italy for the second show overseas. They toured Rome, the italian countryside, Bolongue, and more. Check out their video here!

Freedom in Motion’s parkour vlog from Italy

For our families who attend our parkour gyms and classes. Once students get to level 4/5 they will become eligible to try out for the fiM Pro Team and Fim Street Team! If you’re one of our students, keep up the hard work and maybe someday you will be touring the world with the FiM Team! Learn more about our gyms at

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