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Preventing Sport Injuries: The Parkour Connection

Having kids in sports is an investment for sure and there is nothing more frustrating for an athlete (or a parent) than getting an injury mid-season that takes them out.

But, how do you keep athletes in tip-top shape, motivated, and strengthening the whole body? Cross Training is the answer! According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine article, "Cross Training is important for athletes so they are not continuously putting stress on the same muscles and joints."

How Does Parkour Help Prevent Injuries?

  • Parkour teaches landing, falling, and body awareness techniques that boost athletic intelligence for any sport

  • Learning parkour skills creates well-rounded athletes & defends them from many sports injuries

  • Parkour's effective falling and rolling techniques keep athletes safer when playing running sports like soccer, football, or basketball

How do I get my child athlete involved when they have such an active sports schedule?

Freedom in Motion, parkour gym offers Spring and Summer Camps for students 7-13 years old. Each day, our coaches teach a new set of movement and skills, and safety techniques providing cross-training for athletes of all ages and skill levels. There are many different classes available for people of all ages and skill levels and how often the student comes in weekly. There are also one-day camps that have become a great place to try parkour.

It is time to protect your investment and add cross-training with parkour into the mix. They will love it and will teach them skills that will help protect them from future injuries.

Move Freely, see you at the gym!

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