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What is Parkour? An exclusive interview with FiM Founder and CEO, Jimmy Davidson

Arielle Parfait, publisher and editor of Macaroni KID Temecula-Murrieta-French Valley sits down with the Freedom in Motion founder and CEO, Jimmy Davidson and hears the whole FiM story.

She asks the real questions, "What is parkour? How did Freedom in Motion get started and, how it has continued to grow, (soon opening their third parkour gym in Riverside in the Spring of 2023) even through the global shutdown?"

"Parkour is a type of martial art but instead of fighting it's the art of movement so let's pretend that there was a natural disaster near you and just taking the normal staircase to the normal walkway maybe there was a fire or it was blocked parkour would equip you with the necessary movements to you know go over the handrailings up the walls climb down you know something that isn't just a ladder basically get from where you are to where you need to be in a safe quick and efficient manner." Jimmy explains.

Freedom in Motion has Spring and Summer Camps for those 7+, Parent's Night Out and Open Gym. Memberships are available for those that want to learn and play on a regular basis. Also, there is a competitive team that competes all over California!

This inspiring interview will encourage the curious to jump in and enjoy the the artistry of parkour. Experience the joy of movement. #MoveFreely

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